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A Useful Guide to Plan the Best Train Trip in India

RailMitra is one of the top apps to plan your train trip in India. Read this article to get necessary information about train journey.

India is a melting pot of cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Dynamic scenery thrives in this country, from the sun-drenched beaches to the snow-clad mountains in the north. Many of India’s ancient temples, royal forts, and citadel-topped plateaus are hidden within the country’s breathtaking scenery.

But India is more than just its ancient history. The country’s progress towards the present can be seen in its skyscrapers and growing industrial sector. Nonetheless, its residents maintain a strong connection to their homeland. Indian Railways is a thrilling way to experience the varied landscape of India.

If you’re planning to ride a train anytime soon, consider using RailMitra- a trusted online train service platform. This innovative train app obtains accurate train updates from the NTES live system used by the Indian Railways.

Your Guide for Planning a Train Trip

Train boarding in India is a unique experience that reveals new facets of the country and its people. Indian Trains are the most practical means of learning about India and its people. So, embark on an Indian train to experience India’s beauty’s vibrant, modern side.

You can plan the most relaxing and convenient train trip via the Indian Railways with the help of this helpful guide.

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  1. Choose the best route

The Indian Railway system integrates nearly every portion of the country. It features over 6000 stations and stretches to nearly 60,000 kilometres. Getting around India by train is the most convenient way to see the country. There may be close to three or four distinct train routes between 2 separate locations. So, it is essential to select the route with greater care.

For information on train schedules and fares to various cities in India, consult RailMitra’s website or mobile app.

  1. Look up train schedules and other crucial details

The Indian Railways have improved for passengers ever since they went fully digital. You can surely access train schedules, ticket prices, and reservation information, among other things, on the Indian Railways website with just a few clicks. Additionally, the NTES live update system is used by companies like RailMitra to source and provide crucial data to passengers. You can also find out specifics about your connecting trains.

  1. Buy Your Tickets Well in Advance

To take a train in India, you must first make a reservation. The computerised ticket ordering system used by Indian Railway is 99% error-free and enhances the convenience of ticket purchases. If you’re travelling during peak season, buy your tickets early. You should acquire your ticket 120 days in advance.

E-tickets, also known as electronic tickets, are given to passengers whenever they make a booking through an online booking portal. Each passenger receives a printed ticket in the mail and a text message with their PNR (Passenger Name Record) number. While on board, the traveller must present the ticket examiner with the necessary credentials and one of the two options provided by the Indian Railway.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the railway reservation system

In the automated ticketing system, tickets are separated into the following groups:

Early Reservations: Train passengers can make reservations for most trains up to 120 days in advance of the trip. The Foreign Tourist (FT) quota allows a specific number of seats for guests from outside the country. Tourists in this category can make last-minute reservations and pay with foreign currency.

Booking under the Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) & Waiting List(WL): Those with a RAC ticket are allowed on the train regardless of whether or not they have a reserved seat. Only when a confirmed ticket holder cancels their ticket will the seats become available for sale. If there are not enough seats for the trip, two RAC members may be required to share a cabin. Passengers holding WL tickets are not permitted to board the railways. If a confirmed ticket is cancelled, you could get an upgrade on your ticket to a reserved one.

Tatkal ticket booking: Through the Tatkal system, travellers can reserve seats in their train coach with as little as one day’s notice. However, the price of a Tatkal ticket varies, so estimating the cost is impossible.

5. Recognize the Different Travel Classes

Based on the cost of the ticket and the amenities provided, the Indian Railways have eight distinct travel classes. Even though you can find all eight class types on some trains, the vast majority of them carry a mixture of only five or six.

Here are the unique travel classes of the Indian Railways:

  • Air-Conditioned First Class (AC1)
  • Air-Conditioned 2-Tier (AC2)
  • Air-Conditioned 3-Tier (AC3)
  • First Class
  • AC Executive Chair Class
  • Vistadome
  • AC Chair Class
  • Sleeper Class
  • Unreserved 2nd Class
  • Indrail Pass

Useful Advice for a Stress-Free Train Ride

Here is a list of advice you can follow for a pleasant train ride in India:

  • Make an early trip to the train station.
  • Bring a book/e-reader or downloaded movies/songs when taking a train in India.
  • Order food and drinks from a diverse range of delicious and inexpensive menus offered by e-catering companies like RailRestro.
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you.
  • Travelling with valuables like a DSLR camera, laptop, or jewellery requires extra precautions, so be sure to lock up your bags.

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People keen on getting to know the country and its inhabitants always prioritise train travel on their to-do list. Explore more of this diverse country, and be sure to pick up some new information along the way. But don’t leave home without looking up the NTES live train updates on your phone.

Railmitra is a specialised AI-powered app that works on computers and mobile devices. It provides a plethora of real-time rail updates to passengers, allowing them to plan their journeys confidently and easily.


RailMitra is India's leading train travel app with all-in-one features to meet all train travellers’ needs. We're your partner and friend in your train journey providing all Indian railway enquiry service instantly in our one-stop application. It is a unique platform, which offers users a holistic platform to plan train journey from start to scratch. If you are someone travelling via Indian Railways, you have an option to check your PNR status, books meals for the train journey, find train running status and seat availability. Planning a train journey in India can be cumbersome if you don’t plan ahead. RailMitra comes to rescue all such concerns.

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