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Train E-catering: How It Enhances Your Journey

Packing a lunch for train trips is always tiresome. Now leave all your worries of eating delicious food in train to RailRestro, a trusted Train E-catering app.

Are you curious about how to order meals on a train online, or are you planning a rail trip and interested in online train food ordering? Having food on a long train ride is essential. You can only get a limited food variety at the train stops. However, you don’t have to dream of a Haldiram food delivery in train service or keep eating all these over and over on long trips. Moreover, you no longer need to lug your hefty Dabba from home on the train. Instead, you can order a meal from a food on train e-catering app.

Online catering apps are a delicious choice for those travelling around India to various places. If you require food while travelling by rail, rely on RailRestro – a leading e-catering platform.

Getting Hungry on the Train? Order Online!

Authorised meal partners of the Indian Railways that provide food catering can arrange for online meal delivery on trains based on your preferences. The online catering fare is a huge attraction for passengers compared to overpriced and under-quality offerings by pantry cars and independent food vendors. The collaborating restaurants of the online catering partners always have your well-being in mind. Therefore, they make sure to follow the standard protocol for cooking meals. In keeping with constant innovation, the IRCTC-approved caterers guarantee clean meal service. The advantages of online food ordering in trains for long-distance travel are abundant. So, learn how to plan a meal and have a pleasant trip experience.

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Benefits of In-train Dining via Online Catering Service

While there are many alternatives for home delivery via meal delivery apps, there are fewer for online food ordering while riding the train. Food aggregators like Domino’s Pizza, Swiggy and Haldiram food delivery in train services are not specialized in the train meal delivery. However, on the Indian Railways, you can experience efficient meals delivery, straight to your seat. You have the privilege of ordering food from a broad selection of restaurants. Thanks to the outstanding e-catering services of RailRestro, satisfying your food cravings on the train is a breeze.

Method of Online Food Ordering on Trains

In trains, ordering food online and having it sent to your compartment is a quick, easy, and convenient process. E-catering services require you to visit their respective websites to make a reservation for food. You can use RailRestro, one of the most popular IRCTC-approved e-catering partner portals, to order meals aboard trains. Various restaurants offer a wide selection of cuisines. You can order both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options straight to your seat. E-catering partners typically have websites or applications you can use aboard trains to place food orders. The procedure is as follows:

  1. To make a reservation through the online catering service, visit their website and input your PNR number.
  2. Choose your preferred delivery location before placing your order.
  3. At this time, menus from various eateries will load. Picking your foods lets you personalize your shopping list.
  4. As a bonus, you can see the pricing of each item before ordering.
  5. When ready, proceed to “Place Order” to finalize your purchase.
  6. You will then be prompted to fill in your personal information, including name, mobile number, and email id. The system will display the number of your coach and seat.
  7. Your online meal order will get successfully placed after entering the required information. The total amount that is due will be displayed.
  8. The Cash on Delivery option is available if you prefer to pay the total when the food is brought to your table. If you prefer to pay it online, you can do so through a variety of methods.
  9. The delivery person from RailRestro will bring your food to the station of your choice.

How to Keep Tabs on Your Online Train Meal Delivery

  • Upon submitting a successful order, you will receive a confirmation email and text message at the contact information you provided. It has your order information and a one-time password (OTP) that you need to give to the delivery person.
  • You will be assigned a unique order ID through a text message to your phone. Visit the e-catering service’s order tracking website to see where your order stands. Enter your order number and cell phone number to check on the current status of your shipment.

How Your Online Food Order Reaches You on Train

  • Your food will be carried to your seat by a delivery boy dressed in his costume, mask, and gloves. After verification of your berth and order ID, you will finally have the package.
  • All of the food has been packaged and sealed in airtight containers. So that you may enjoy your favourite delicacies without worrying about spills, we carefully packaged each item in its box.

Easy online meal ordering can make your train trip more relaxing and enjoyable. Choose the finest online caterer to fulfil your hunger while riding the rails.

RailRestro is the premier online caterer for trains, promising to send you excellent, freshly made meals that are still steaming hot when they arrive at your car. Instead of purchasing food from the pantry car, the train’s vendors, or the stalls, always pre-book your meals through the innovative train food delivery app.

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