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Top Activities To Do In Nagoya That You Should Not Miss

The fourth-largest city in Japan, Nagoya is a charming destination to visit. You’re planning a trip to Japan, and are considering a stop in Nagoya. You made the right choice, and you won’t look back and regret it! Take a closer look at a city that gets a bad reputation for its fundamentals.

Developed into Japan’s busiest port. It is best known where you will find all the big-name factories here such as Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Famous as one of the best and most well-known tourist places for all kinds of travelers. Ready to go? Without any doubt, start planning, book all nippon airways reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. In search of Nagoya activities? What are the best things to see and do in this enigmatic Japanese city? Take a look below.

The Sakae district

Two architectural mysteries are found smack in the center of the bustling city! Upon completion in 1954, the TV Tower was the first of its type in the world. It seems like a copy of the Eiffel Tower in France, despite the fact that it is not an exact reproduction. The Oasis 21 shopping mall, which is only a few feet away, is home to a strange spaceship that you may explore. This glass-and-steel ellipse gets even more appealing when the sun sets. This is the future, and you’re in it! Even if the architecture doesn’t grab your attention, Sakae is a great area to go shopping or unwind after a long day in Nagoya.

The palaces of Honmaru and Nagoya may both be explored on foot.

The grounds of Nagoya Castle should not be missed when in Nagoya. This Edo-era edifice, built in the 17th century, is often cited as one of Japan’s most stunning. In the aftermath of World War II, he was not immune to the damage. 

Take a walk around the Osu area.

The shotengai (retail gallery) of the Osu district, situated not far from the Osu Kannon temple, cannot be ignored. You may almost certainly find what you’re looking for at one of the stops along this two-kilometer-long alleyway. You won’t be able to ignore the temptation, which will be there at bars, restaurants, and even antique shops. Participation in the World Cosplay Championships is open to anybody visiting Nagoya during the month of August.

The Science Museum in London

You don’t know what to do with kids in Nagoya. We’ve found the answer! Because of the sheer number of exhibits and the exceptional quality of the experiences on offer, this seven-story structure will be difficult to navigate. The Nagoya Science Museum’s kid-friendly and educational displays make it an impressive sight even before you step foot inside. One of its most notable features is its planetarium, which many believe to be the world’s largest.

Zoo and Botanical Garden of Higashiyama

A variety of animals, including koalas and elephants, may be found in the Higashiyama Zoo northeast of Nagoya. Even the tiniest children may get up and personal with little creatures. The botanical park has the oldest greenhouse in Japan, which is home to more than 7,000 types of plants. There is a sense that you are traveling through a natural wonderland when you look at these plants’ placement. 

Temple of Osu Kannon

Do you have a desire that you’d want to fulfill? On the top of the enormous red light of the Osu Kannon Buddhist temple, write it down and attach it. The Shinjuku-Ji-bunko library, housed in the structure, has approximately 15,000 books authored by traditional authors from Japan and China. In the library, there are several books that are considered to be of extraordinary historical importance

The Toyota Motor Corporation’s Memorial Museum of Industry and Technology

As a matter of fact, Toyota was founded in Nagoya! The Memorial Museum, which is housed in the same building as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, should not be missed while in Nagoya. Regardless of whether or not you are a car enthusiast. You’ll be able to witness the company’s most recent and oldest models, as well as the assembly lines in operation, during your visit. Vintage looms from Toyota’s time in the textile business are all over the place.

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It is possible to try local specialties at Marunaka Central Market.

You’re hungry, aren’t you? That was a fantastic outcome! Invite yourself to one of Nagoya’s or Japan’s local dishes, which are distinctive to the area. Traditional Japanese cuisine including yakitori, sushi, tempura, miso katsu, and others is available for you to sample. Eel is a delicacy worth trying if you’re up for the challenge!

Go to a sumo match and watch the action.

The Nagoya region offers what kinds of sports and activities? Take advantage of the opportunity to witness sumo if you happen to be in Nagoya during the month of July. If you want to witness these massive wrestlers in action, you better hurry since tickets are in high demand. As a result, be very meticulous in your planning. To miss out on this wonderful and authentically Japanese show would be a huge mistake.


Many tourists from other nations avoid the industrial city, yet there is still plenty to see and do. You’ll be glad you made the effort to visit Nagoya when you get there. So what are you thinking about? Plan your getaway with AirlinesMap and personalize your travel itinerary on your own. Here you will find the right package for you and your family. Bon Voyage..!

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