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Umrah Rules for Ladies

Here are some common Umrah rules for ladies that are different from men. The rules of ihram for men and women differ according to the guiding principles of the dress. All men have to wrap two white sheets of cloth around their bodies. There are no such guidelines for women. The only thing for women performing Umrah is to cover their bodies with loose-fitting clothes. Women can wear black or white abaya in everyday casual and clean clothes.

Due to the hot weather in Makkah, most of the women performing Umrah choose white clothes. Umrah rules for women who are in their menstrual cycle dictate that they can perform Hajj after the cycle is over. Rules for Qasr are also different for men and women. As part of this ritual, women only need to cut their hair to the length of their nails.

Another important rule for women performing Umrah is that they should recite the du’aa ‘recited during the Talbiyah, Tawaf ritual slowly so that other pilgrims do not hear it. Women are not allowed to use make-up or perfume while in ihram. It is also forbidden to cut nails and pluck hair during purify state.

Concerning Mahram (male guardians), the rules of Umrah for women are of utmost importance as single women are not issued visas for Islamic Hajj and Umrah. Women under the age of 45 cannot perform Umrah without a Mahram. Over the age of 45 can perform Hajj in groups but not alone.

Women can cover their heads while performing Umrah but covering their face and hands are forbidden.

Guidelines For Women Performing Umrah

As mentioned above, there are some common customs for women performing Umrah and there is a way for women to perform Umrah which has been traditionally accepted for years. Here are some of them: Women are not allowed to apply henna while performing the pilgrimage.

Women cannot apply perfume while performing Umrah. If necessary, women can use unscented creams and lotions during Hajj. Women should clip or trim their nails before entering ihram.

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Given the cultural sensitivities of Saudi Arabia, and especially the holy city of Mecca, modest clothing is recommended. Therefore, when women are in Mecca, the preferred dress for them is the salwar & kameez.

Wearing shiny clothes under an abaya is not commendable. Therefore, most women choose white dresses on the inside. Unlike men, women can wear closed shoes during Umrah. It is not permissible to use abusive language, fight or quarrel during Umrah.

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Visa Rules For Female Umrah Aspirants:

No matter what part of the world you come from, to this day, Saudi Arabia does not allow women under the age of 45 to perform the Islamic Hajj alone. They should have a male guardian with whom marriage is not permissible.

Most women come for Umrah with close family members, such as their father, grandfather, or brother. Applications for Umrah visas for women under the age of 45 without Mahram are immediately rejected.

Women over the age of 45 are issued a visa to travel in a group. These are the current visa regulations for Umrah, however, there is talk of removing the Mahram requirement for women over 18 for Umrah (and not Hajj).

These rules of Umrah for women are partly based on the religious teachings of Allah and Islamic scholars. In part, they are based on the common practices followed by women performing Umrah. By following these principles and guidelines, women make sure that they perform Hajj wholeheartedly without losing their focus and without inviting unwanted attention.

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