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SEO Certificates: Why Are They Worth It?

The number of open jobs in search engine optimization (SEO) jobs has increased by 43 percent in the last year. Placing SEO experience in the field of marketing as one of LinkedIn’s most sought-after abilities for the year ahead and beyond. It’s not difficult to figure out why: 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine.

If you’re not sure you should pursue further education to benefit you. Check out some reasons SEO-related training can be beneficial for you.

SEO Skills are becoming increasingly important.

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SEO Certificates

Although they have changed, the SEO. As well as SEM fields have evolved their significance has only increased.

A study of all internet searches conducted in May 2018 revealed that the click-through rate for the highest-ranked search result was less than 30 percent. A figure that sank to 4 percent for the result ranked fifth. In the ninth ranking, only one percent of users are still keen to click through. A much more dramatic decline than what was seen in the past.

However, Internet users are simply looking more often. The number of primary searches from leading search engines across the United States in April 2018 was 17.6 billion, which is a significant increase from 10.12 billion who used the search engine in April 2008.

It’s not a surprise, then that businesses are seeing high-paying ROIs through investing in SEO or SEM. Based on a report from BIA/Kelsey Business Monitor report, businesses spending more than $25,000 annually on marketing found that SEO and search engine optimization yielded the highest return on investment. 65.9 percent of them stated SEO/SEM as the top priority or very high priority moving forward, over advertising via email or social media ads or performance analysis.

Google and Other Search Engines Don’t Rest

Through the years, Google made a series of changes to its algorithm for searching that were minor, while others were quite significant.

The changes that were made included two major updates in February and March appeared to be aimed at content with low value. The December update was aimed to “improve the relevancy of content.” While in March 2018, Google announced the existence of a “broad base algorithm update” designed to “benefit pages previously not rewarded.”

The general trend in Google’s algorithm changes is that they seem to prioritize quality over quantity. Experts have also noticed that Google seems to be emphasizing website structure and internal linking strategy. Furthermore, sculpting or cutting out unnecessary weight from your site – is an activity that is becoming more and more crucial.

Additionally, the rise of voice search is changing the way people search as well. With Google declared in the year 2016 that 20%% of the queries it received included voice search. Another trend that is developing rapidly is the sudden emergence of knowledge boxes. These features have already had a dramatic impact on SEO experts.

Most professionals are preparing themselves for a bigger-scale move to mobile phones. Considering that Google has already proven that over 50 percent of all searches are conducted via mobile devices.

An SEO method that worked in the past may likely be outdated now. A refresh in your SEO knowledge could be vital to stay at the forefront of an ever-developing field.

Not Just for SEO Specialists No More

In the present, even if “SEO” isn’t part of your title you will likely be required to possess a solid grasp of optimizing your site to gain the search engine’s prominence.

A quick look through job search websites will reveal that the ability to understand SEO is regarded as a major advantage. Or even a necessity for positions in a variety of areas, such as communications, content creation, management advertising, and marketing. And even some jobs in journalism.

In BrainStation’s SEO training courses students are taught the strategies and tools needed to develop actual-world search marketing strategies. Which include: SEO; SEM; web crawling, on-page optimization, answer boxes on search console, rich-snippets, data highlighter, pay-per-click advertisements and remarketing; ad groups, remarketing as well as Google Analytics.

Even if you don’t plan on specializing in SEO or SEM Analytics it’s an important quality that’s highly appreciated.

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