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A swift guide to the double orifice air valves

There are a few sources of air accumulation in the pipeline. During startup, the pipeline contains air and much air is pushed downward and discharged through faucets, hydrants, and several other mechanical apparatuses. A huge amount of air gets trapped at the high points of the system. Due to this reason, air valves are used. The air valves can be divided into two types – single orifice air valves & double orifice air valves. Continue reading this blog to explore more about double orifice air valves.

Why are air valves needed to install?

Always you must keep your water piping system under stable operating condition. Any kind of air inclusion in the water transport system can have severe negative effects like pressure fluctuations, flow reduction, pumps running dry, water hammer effects and many more. Even a lack of air in the pipeline can result in harmful effects. One of such effects is- negative pressure rising in the pipeline because of quick water flowing. Due to all these reasons, air valves must be used to release large as well as small quantities of air from the water transport system. Air valves are the most widely used valves having small and large orifices. Air valves help in releasing small pockets of accumulated air from the pipeline. You can contact one of the leading suppliers of air valves in the Middle East and GCC region.

What are double orifice air valves?

Double orifice air valves comprise both large orifice air valves and large orifice air valves. The large orifice air valves help in exhausting air at the time of filling in an automatic manner & also allow the admission of air at the time of emptying the pipeline. The small orifice is responsible to vent out a small amount of agglomerated air during the pipeline’s operation.

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What are the major applications of double orifice air valves?

Double orifice air valves can be used to avoid pressure build-up in the building systems and control gas emissions. This type of valve is ideal for both filtered and potable water applications.

What are the advantages of using double orifice air valves?

  1. a) Double orifice air valves have strong tensile strength, which can not be broken up easily.
  2. b) Reduces water hammer and surge in pipeline systems
  3. c) Highly corrosion-resistant air valves

So, you must have understood the importance of double orifice air valves. These valves play a pivotal role in pipeline systems and several other applications. It is vital to release the entrapped air in a particular system. Without employing these valves, the entrapped air can lead to a negative impact. Contact one of the top suppliers of double orifice air valves.

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