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Japanese Izakaya: A Brief Guide

Japanese Izakaya

Japan’s food ranges from exotic to simple, vending machines to sophisticated and lavish kaiseki meals. Sarışın ve çekici olan rus escort kadınları listelendi bu web sayfasında. But there’s yet another relatively affordable and delicious way to satisfy your food and drink cravings when it comes to Japanese foods.

There is such a way known as Izakaya (居酒屋), meaning “stay-in sake shop,” a type of informal Japanese bar where people come after a hard day’s work and enjoy freshly made small food plates to go along with drinks.

Japanese Izakaya is a place that buzzes with life and laughter. It’s the best place to unwind and relax whether you are a local enjoying with friends or a foreigner coming to Learn Japanese Language.

History Of Japanese Izakaya

The origins of Iazkaya go as far back as the Edo period. They initially began as liquor shops where one could buy a bottle of sake, sit, and drink it. Eventually, food and other types of liquors were added to the mix.

The Izakaya Experience

  • Entering The Izakaya

It’s considered rude to walk into an eatery and take a seat; instead, say ‘sumimasen’ (excuse me), and notify the staff how many people are there in your group by holding up a finger for each person in your party. Wait till they direct you to a table; don’t sit anywhere unless they gesture you to do so.

Diners must also remove their shoes at the entrance or table and place them under a ledge near their seats or in a shoe cabinet nearby.

  • Tradition

Once seated, the staff will provide you oshibori (hot towels) and a small appetizer called otoshi, which is typically offered in exchange for a seating fee per person.

The staff may then ask whether you are ready to order.

  • Food

Izakaya food is often traditional, affordable, and has various dishes to pick from. The food portions are served on small plates, something to go with the drinks. These little dishes, known as “tsumami,” vary depending on the season and region.

Most izakayas usually serve skewered items on the grill called yakitori (including chicken, meats, vegetables), sashimi, stuffed peppers, sushi, tofu, and many other dishes, traditional as well as modern.

  • Drinks

In general, Japanese people prefer to start with a beer, but you’re free to choose whatever you like. Aside from beer, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including sake, shochu (Japanese distilled spirit), wine, whiskey, fruit sours, and much more.

Many Izakaya offers happy hour specials in the early evening. Many provide all-you-can-drink deals all night—pay a certain amount of money for unlimited drinks for a set amount of time (usually 1-2 hours).

Suppose you don’t drink alcohol, no problem! Almost every Izakaya will offer tea, juice, or soft drinks.


Whether you want to enjoy different delicacies in a lively atmosphere, or go wild in the company of your friends, visiting an Izayaka is a must-do for every local or traveler visiting Japan.

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