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How To Encourage Your Employee Drink Much Water?

Are your staff members fatigued throughout the day without coffee or caffeine? Or do they continually collapsing because they lose vitality after lunch? How can you encourage your staff to drink more water? They’ll have more energy naturally if you encourage them to drink more water, plus they’ll be healthier and be able to do their jobs more effectively. Drinking water can be even a little changes that you can make before move to other corporate wellness program.

Benefits to Encourage Employee Water Drinking

Water has been demonstrated to boost energy and enhance cognitive performance without the drawbacks of coffee and sugary drinks. It is quite useful to include water consumption in your company’s wellness program; presumably, this is already the case. Several advantages include:

  • higher levels of energy
  • improved thinking and attention
  • higher metabolism
  • reduced calorie consumption
  • eliminating toxins
  • improved fat storage

We compiled a list of our best tactics for encouraging staff members to drink more water in order to keep the conversation lively. These concepts originated with persons with whom we have collaborated. We are confident that they will assist again if they have in the past.

Drink water at least four days a week instead of soda

Regular soda drinkers may find it difficult or impossible to completely stop at first. It is preferable to make some little changes than none at all to choose water. One employee succeeded in replacing four days of soda consumption with water and reported feeling better than they had in a long time.

When dining out, choose water over other beverages.

More so than most other times, eating out makes it quite simple to consume a calorie-dense beverage. Not only would switching to water save money, it will also help keep business meetings held in restaurants on schedule. One employee was able to continue that behaviour when eating out with friends and family after developing that habit while working.

Increased Water Intake Will Keep You Hydrated

Most American workers—nearly 80%—admit they don’t get enough water. You should consume half your body weight in ounces of liquid each day. So the starting point is at least 75 ounces for a 150-pound person. For some people, that might seem like a significant increase, but achieving it has advantages beyond hydration. One employee set a goal to consume 64 ounces of water on most days, and they succeeded.

Weekly Limit of 3 High-Calorie Drinks

Unfortunately, when some people stop drinking one type of beverage, they frequently switch to another that is just as harmful and contains excessive amounts of sugar or calories. But for one individual, making the decision to limit their intake of caloric beverages to no more than three per week was a huge assistance. They continued to profit from concentrating only on the caloric issue while including water in their new diet.

Before consuming any other liquids, first have a glass of water.

According to one study, 37% of Americans mistakenly believe they are hungry when they are actually thirsty and dehydrated. One worker tried to avoid dehydration but couldn’t give up their favourite drinks abruptly.

They declared, “I always drank a glass of water before any other beverage.” They were unaware that it would have the additional effect of reducing their desires for other things.

How Businesses Encourage Employees to Drink More Water

It is one thing to discuss these concepts and their advantages. Even better is demonstrating to your staff how you are actively promoting their well-being in this way. Consider a few of these acts in addition to information and ideas if you want to have a bigger effect.

  • only serve water for meetings over lunch
  • provide free bottled water or water coolers in the dining areas.
  • have water-related health campaigns and competitions (your WellSteps guide can help you)
  • arrange competitions and honour teams that participate fully
  • provide everyone high-quality water bottles
  • Increase the price of soda in vending machines.

The most crucial thing to remember is to make sure that your managers and leaders set a positive example for others by drinking more water. There is greater encouragement and camaraderie among employees to improve their health when they observe their CEO and superiors drinking water or making efforts to drink more.

Future Steps

A successful business must place a greater emphasis on improving the health of its personnel. Without healthy workers, your business will suffer. It is crucial to implement and maintain an effective wellness program that includes healthy behaviours like getting adequate water.

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t stress. You are welcome to arrange a free demonstration with one of our Engagelife coaches. Come learn how to improve your employees’ health and watch your entire business grow.

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