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Want To Develop A Wallet Like EXODUS: Here’s How

To make a cryptocurrency wallet like Exodus, you must learn a lot about the subject. Exodus supports multiple currencies. It is easy to use and reliable, and it can do many things. Daniel Castagnoli and G. P. Richardson made the wallet. Castagnoli used to work as a designer for big companies like Apple, Nike, and BMW. Richardson was writing code for different cryptocurrency projects. So, they made a multicurrency wallet that can hold a lot of different currencies.

Exodus works with a wide variety of tokens and lets you trade them without leaving the app. This wallet is great for people just starting with cryptocurrencies because it is easy to use and has a simple design. Anyone can download the wallet because it is free.

Exodus: how to set it up, its main features, and a simple way to set it up

 Find an Exodus wallet clone that works with your operating system, download it, install the application, and confirm the launch. There are several tabs where you can interact with the app.

  • Portfolio. Here, users can see a diagram of the information about their cryptocurrencies. There is also a list with information about the number of coins, their prices, names, and percentages. This tab also shows how different asset prices changed over a certain period. In addition, one can view and export all of their transactions.
  • Wallet. Here, different things can be done using cryptocurrencies. To send a cryptocurrency, click the “Send” button. To finish the transaction, the user must enter the amount of money and the recipient’s address. There is a fee for each transaction, so keep an eye on the balance and think about this. You’ll see your wallet’s address when you tap the “Receive” button. Copy this address and give it to the person who sent you the money to get it.
  • Exchanger. The ShapeShift exchanger does all operations. It helps the same kinds of things that Exodus does. The exchanger process works like this: first, choose a coin and how many you want on the left, then choose a coin you want on the right. It looks at the current exchange rates and does the exchange independently.
  • Backup. It is a must to give the assets good protection. Users must put in a password and a 12-word phrase (it will help regain access to the account while changing the device). To confirm the phrase, the user must choose one of the four words.

Let’s say the user needs to get back into an existing account. In that case, they must first install the app, go to the Portfolio tab, tap “Restore from Backup,” and type in the twelve words they made up during registration.

Change the settings in the following areas to make the wallet work:

  • Security 
  • Assets 
  • Localization 
  • Themes
  • Hardware 
  • Wallets

By going to “Assets,” you can choose which types of cryptocurrencies will show up in the “Portfolio” or make all assets except Ethereum and Bitcoin invisible by setting their balances to $0. A user’s balance can be converted to a variety of different currencies. crypto assets in the “Localization” tab.

 The user can choose a different wallet design or apply a theme from the skins, textures, and colors sections under “Themes.” Connecting the Trezor cryptocurrency wallet in the “Wallets” section is possible. All of your Trezor assets will be listed in the “Portfolio.” Internal exchanges of cryptocurrency are done directly through the Exodus interface.

Once the encrypted password has been set, the backup function will be available in the settings in the “Security” section. There is also a feature that lets the wallet lock itself after a certain time. To open the Advanced Settings tab, press Ctrl+Shift+D. Use the developer menu to look at the private keys. Here, you can also choose one of the recovery options, export the archive wallet, save all transactions directly in CSV format, and use other helpful tools.

Why the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet is better

Experts say that when choosing a modern and universal cryptocurrency wallet, you should focus more on the benefits:

  • The perfect way the Exodus worked.
  • a user-friendly graphical user interface
  • The wallet can hold about a hundred different crypto assets, so you don’t have to use different wallets for different coins.
  • Transactions are quick and safe. 
  • The portfolio is simple; the exchanger is all in one;
  • Updates, support for new cryptocurrencies, and the addition of new features.

The fact that the developers run updates several times a month shows that the app is always getting better. Quick technical support fixes any problems that users might have. Transactions can’t be done by hand, and the math is done automatically so that transfers can happen quickly.

There are no hacking incidents, which shows that security has gotten better. Exodus is a low-cost application that lets users safely store their cryptocurrency assets.

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