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Protecting your air conditioners from pests

In the colder months, ants, rodents, and other vermin are a common problem. In search of warmth, food, shelter, and a home to call their own, they infest homes. The damage caused by pests can be costly for homeowners. It is important to know which pests can cause damage and how to avoid them. This is why Melbourne homeowners are at risk. Pest control Melbourne services should be sought to eliminate these annoying pests as soon as possible.

Rodents such as mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, and squirrels regularly destroy HVAC systems. While smaller rodents are able to squeeze through tight spaces, larger rodents can chew through most things. They will often build their nests within the walls and attic of your house, then travel through it using the ductwork.



Rodents are among the most destructive pests. They can cause damage to insulation and electrical wiring, which can prove deadly and costly. Rodents like rats and mice love to chew on insulation in order to build nests. They are also known to chew on wires, which can cause electrical fires.

Even if your home is not damaged, rodents can transmit diseases to pets and people. The air can be contaminated by rodent urine, faeces, and dander. This can cause respiratory problems in both humans and animals. Worse, a rodent that has died in your air ducts can leave a foul odour that will last for several weeks. Get rid of rodents from your property by calling Rodent Control Melbourne as soon as possible.



When they are in contact with the contactor, electrocuted ants release an alarm pheromone. The alarm pheromone attracts ants to it, which causes them to gather and block the device, causing the device to short out.
You will need to replace your AC if it stops working. Pest Control Australia can help you with your HVAC system.


Because it protects them from the weather, wasps will build their nests in damaged or unprotected vents and ductwork. It is not easy to eliminate wasp problems once they have been relocated.
Because of the blooming flowers, spring is a great time for wasps build nests. A colony of wasps may have taken residence in your air conditioner and could be able to enter your home. People with allergies should avoid wasps during the fall, when they are most active and looking for a place where to hibernate.
You can inflict serious injuries if you don’t have proper training to remove wasp nests. Always consult a wasp Removal Melbourne professional when you want to remove wasps from your house.

Signs that you’ve been visited by others

Pest infestations can be costly if you don’t act quickly. Call a local HVAC company if you see any of these issues.
Foul smells
Squeaking, skittering, or grinding sounds
Allergy symptoms are on the rise
A sudden drop in heating or cooling performance
Droppings close to the outdoor unit
How to keep pests from your air conditioner system

A strong defense is the best defense when it comes to pest prevention. These are some of the best ways to prevent pests from entering your air conditioner system and save money on repairs.

Get in touch with a pest control expert right away!

Pesticides should not be sprayed into vents and ducts in order to eliminate bugs. The chemicals can contaminate the air and pose a danger to pets and people. If you are concerned about your health, you should hire a Pest Control Melbourne company or set traps to remove animals and bugs from your HVAC system. Pest control companies can use non-toxic pesticides to eliminate the problem permanently.

Fill in any holes in the ductwork
If animals get in your duct system, they can cause serious damage.
Ventilation should be covered
Vents can be thought of as an important thoroughfare connecting your home to the outside. You can prevent pests from joining your family by installing pest-proof vent covers or screens.
Keep your outside storage unit clean and orderly

You can attract insects to your outdoor storage by inviting them in. Regularly mowing and weeding your lawn will prevent it from becoming infested. You should clean the unit if you find ants crawling about inside it looking for food. You should clean the area around your air conditioner after a rainstorm.


Plan for regular HVAC maintenance

Regular AC maintenance is one way to keep pests away. Even with your best efforts, animals can still cause damage to your equipment. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that all entry points are sealed and that components are free of debris. Any issues that may arise can be fixed immediately.


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