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Ultimate Guide To Fix Alexa Not Responding Issue

There are many possible reasons that are causing Alexa not responding to voice issues. There is nothing to be afraid of at all as the issues are not very serious. 

Here in this article, we will discuss all the problems and solutions to overcome this problem. You have to follow the suggestions to fix Alexa’s not responding issue.

Let’s Discuss The Reasons

Knowing the reasons before solving the issue is good for easily overcoming this deformity. Look at the below stated bulleted points for the reasons:

  • Internet issues.
  • Internal debris.
  • The outdated version of the device.
  • Changes in the device.
  • Some silly mistakes may also cause Alexa not responding to the issue.

What Are The Solutions To Overcome Alexa Not Responding To Problems?

We have come up with some great solutions that will surely be effective for you. All you have to do is to just follow the suggested steps appropriately.

1. Check The Volume

It is silly but most of the users made this mistake. Kindly press the “+” volume up button or you can say Alexa turn up the volume.

If the volume of the Alexa would be lower than it is obvious that you will be unable to hear what Alexa is responding to your command. If the volume is already up then look towards the other solution.

2. Check The Button

If Alexa is not responding to voice or Alexa red ring is spinning around the Alexa then you are facing a problem because of an acute and unreasonable issue that is “THE MUTE BUTTON IS TURNED ON”.

To fix this issue you just have to turn off the mute button. You can simply identify the mute button as the button will also seem red and unique from the other three buttons. Yes, you are right, a circle or microphone cut with a line is the correct button that you have to press. 

3. Check The Internet

A very common problem that leads to this issue is the Internet problem. It can be possible that the stability is not good or the strength of the Internet is low. 

  • Check The Strength of The Internet:- Connect your mobile phone with the router that is providing Internet to the smart device. Then turn on chrome or YouTube and search there for something. The quick results show the strong strength of the Internet and if you are facing a low strength issue then look to the next step.
  • Improve The Stability of The Internet:- You have to remove all the barriers that come across your devices. Removing the barriers will help the Internet to pass directly. Yes, it is impossible to remove the wall between the router and the device so in such a case you can replace the location of the device.

4. Update The Device

If you haven’t made the updating process done then this is the very utmost mistake that you are making. Updating is very important for the maintenance of the device. Kindly update your device as quickly as it is possible.

  • Open the Alexa app {Install it if you don’t have it}.
  • You have to click on the settings.
  • Press the device option.
  • There click on check for software updates.
  • Alexa will take a few minutes to complete the updates.

If this does not help you then kindly look towards a further solution. This will definitely provide you relief from this problem.

5.  Reboot The Device

The solution for internal deformities is very easy and quickly relevant. The expert’s choice to overcome this issue is to simply reboot your device. 

Do not forget to disconnect the Internet before rebooting the smart speaker. After the Alexa goes off, kindly remove the power cord wire. Count seven and then again plug in the wire and press the turn on button.  Connect it with a strong Internet and examine Alexa by giving a command to it. Hopefully, you will be deliberated from Alexa not responding to the issue.

At The Bottom Line

We are hoping for good results. Now you are completely free from the issues that are troubling issues to you.  We are thankful to you for choosing us and for giving your love. We will always be there with smart steps to help you out from the difficulties that will trouble you.

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