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Best way to dry your hair while travelling

If you’ve ever travelled anywhere in the middle of winter, you know how hard it is to dry your hair when a single blow-dryer isn’t enough to stop your locks from freezing into place.

Turbulence and low cabin pressure only aggravate the problem, so knowing how to dry your hair while travelling is an essential skill that every frequent flyer should possess. If you’re wondering how to dry your hair on a plane, look no further than these easy tips for beating the elements and keeping your locks looking fresh.

When you are travelling and not staying in one place for a long time, it is hard to find a good place to dry your hair. That’s why we will explain to you some useful tips on how to dry your hair while travelling.


The first thing you should do if you want your hair to dry faster while travelling is to use the towel dryer. The drier might not be the best thing because it will take a lot of time but it will get you 100% results!

Use a towel in the shower. Wrap your hair in a towel and twist it tightly on top of your head, leaving the ends free. This will squeeze out excess water, and the towel will absorb the moisture.


The next option is using the fan. You can either put the fan directly above you or use it while moving around your head. This will make your hair dry faster than using a towel or letting the air do its job.

Wet Hair

You should try to dry your hair with wet hair as much as possible because this will make things easier for you when trying to manage your hair.

Hair Dryer

If you want to get rid of any smell from your previous products, try drying your hair with a hairdryer because that will help kill almost all the bacteria in your hair and make them smell clean again.

The best lightweight hair dryers let you dry your hair fast and efficiently. These are specially made for travelling as they have a foldable handle so they will fit in your luggage.

Extra hair dryer caps

If you’re a girl, chances are that you don’t want to walk around with wet hair for the rest of the day or night. Get a couple of extra caps from your local drug store to wear during the rest of your trip. It will keep your hair from getting all over the place, and if anyone does look at you funny, just tell them that you were in a hurry and forgot to blow dryer.

If you’re trying to avoid a hot, itchy mess of wet tangles, follow these tips to get your hair dry during a flight:

  1. Buy an alcohol-free lotion. If you’ve never flown with wet hair before, consider using a lightweight moisturizing lotion or serum. Your hair will remain less weighed down and easier to manage when it’s wet if you apply a little bit of product like this beforehand.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb. A brush can cause breakage and doesn’t get all the water out of your strands as well as a comb does. Wide-tooth combs are gentler on your hair and allow for more air flow inside the comb’s tines, which speeds up drying time significantly.
  3. Carry a microfiber towel. These towels are lightweight and packable, so they’re great for traveling when space is limited in your luggage or carry-on bag. They do an excellent job of absorbing water while remaining soft on your hair, plus they dry quickly when they come out of the wash!
  4. Let it air dry. Air drying is always best if possible because the sun’s heat will help to give your locks added body and bounce.

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