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Ideas For Book Marketing To Increase Your Book Sales

The first step is finishing the book. Getting your book into readers’ hands is the other half of the equation. It’s simpler to say than to do. One reason is that marketing a book takes a lot of effort and time. A book will ultimately fail if its authors believe that it will gain popularity on its own.

It is your responsibility as an author to ensure that your book achieves its full potential. You are the ideal person to promote and discuss it because only you are aware of how great it is. The following suggestions will assist you in breaking into the market if you have already published your book. If you are writing a book, consider include these suggestions in your strategy for launching it to reach as many readers as possible.

You can increase your reach and sales using the majority of these suggestions. You’ll get support from others as you grow as an author. None of the suggestions, however, are always relevant, and as a writer, you must understand how to develop campaigns that will support your work. Book publishing plays a key role, and make sure that your book is published by well known publishers.

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1 Effective Book Marketing Techniques

1. Establish a website for the author

1.2. Configure your marketing and social media platforms.

3. Expand your internet visibility

1.4 4. Gather truthful testimonials

Establish a readership community.

Listing Your Book

7. International book distribution

8. Additional Strategies

Successful Book Marketing Strategies

1. Establish an author website :

For ease, start with a WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix website. All of these platforms provide authors with a variety of templates and themes that can be changed in a matter of hours. The hub of all internet activity will be this website. This website will serve as the hub for all of your social media links, so make sure it is filled with useful content.

The majority of individuals who are seeking for you will visit your author website in order to learn more about you and how you write. Add a blog where you discuss your background and offer links to previously released publications. Include links to stores where your books are sold as well. If your book can be bought via the website, have a quick checkout process to encourage sales.

Attach a straightforward form that will ask for and collect visitor emails if you want to grow your email list from website visitors. Then you may send your subscribers free e-books, sample chapters, and book blurbs via email.

2. Configure your marketing and social media platforms :

Make pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Each page will have a distinct purpose for you as the author and your book, including the following:

Facebook: The public can learn about the author and the book by visiting your Facebook page. So that your book can grow into a vibrant community, ask your readers to write reviews, testimonials, and questions for you. You may also mail copies of your book to readers and ask them to promote you on various author and book groups. This will help you get noticed. Additionally, give certain of your page’s posts a boost to increase their reach. Book promotions, book discounts, event announcements, and book debuts are all successful posts to enhance.

Twitter: Twitter users are more interested in brief news. Open a Twitter account and post updates regarding book tours, media attention, your book, and upcoming releases. Make a tight-knit community around your account by using hashtags that you can find and retweet. Tweets regarding your book releases and events can also be deleted.

3. Use Instagram to highlight

the visual elements of your book writing and publication process. Drop your book covers, chapter summaries, and images of your writing, as well as the complete publishing process if you choose a traditional publisher. The plot will keep your readers engrossed as it progresses. To maintain interest, you can also include images from book launch parties, book promotions, and any speaking engagements.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn may be used to connect with published authors and writers all over the world. Make an author page using a few keyphrases. Post updates about your book to keep it current.

Pinterest: You can express your creativity on this author-friendly site. Obtain a Professional account and add at least ten boards for your book. Create attractive pins with Canva and connect each pin to information on other platforms. Pinterest is a very visual platform that functions as a bonus free website or a search traffic partner by sending visitors from Pinterest to your website.

One of the most popular and visually appealing websites on the internet, YouTube has the potential to introduce you and your book to a wide range of customers. Create an account and upload recordings of lectures, live sessions, book promotions, and events that are likely to be watched repeatedly. Link all of your videos together with other channels to increase conversions.

Naturally, not all books will be compatible with every platform. Make careful to select the platforms that will benefit your book the most. Examining the platforms that other authors in your genre use is an useful gauge.

4. Boost your internet visibility :

You can begin to build your online presence if you have the appropriate social media strategy in place.

Pay Per Click: Use Google search and display ads to increase book sales. Pay per click is a straightforward system whereby the marketer only receives payment when the advertisement is clicked. This aids in audience dilution, cost management, and widespread visibility. All social media networks provide pay-per-click advertising, so be sure to use it to enhance your postings.

Video Adverts: Platforms that stream video content with ad breaks allow for the posting of video ads. YouTube or Facebook are two examples. Make a book trailer and market it to the target market that naturally emerges from these sites. To advertise your books and yourself as an author, use the “skippable” video advertising on YouTube or the in-content ads on Facebook.

Book Bloggers: The most effective strategy to promote your book is through influencers and bloggers. Bloggers who have a large following work hard to keep it. They therefore take care to provide reviews that their audience will find helpful. You can ask book bloggers to review your book by getting in touch with them online. But since not every blogger will be willing to collaborate with you, especially if you’re new, it can take some time. We will send your book to more than 1000 book bloggers around the world if you submit it to us. Your book will be given away to these bloggers, who will then review it on their social media accounts.

Make sure you have a mechanism to measure the conversions regardless of what you choose to perform. To strengthen your online presence, use data from one campaign to create a new, better campaign with a more focused audience.

5. Gather truthful testimonials :

Reviews are one of the tried-and-true techniques that are highly valued by both authors and readers. Every review counts, whether you obtain them for free or by paying for them with money. On the basis of honest reviews, readers decide which products to buy, and authors can use them to gauge the value of their own work. The following are some methods for developing reviews:

Regarding Amazon: Whether you love or despise Amazon as an author is a another discussion. Keep in mind that Amazon has a huge readership, and that site will likely sell more copies of your book than your own. Register as an author on Amazon by creating an account. If you run into trouble while registering, consult Amazon’s help sites. Ask your customers to provide reviews and endorsements as you sell your book.

Goodreads: Anyone in the world can sign up for the Goodreads Author Program, which is free. Create a Goodreads account and advertise your books there. Additionally, you can communicate with the reviewers and readers. A well-known website for book reviews is Goodreads. Getting your books listed there will aid in their discovery and allow you to provide insightful evaluations that may persuade potential customers.

6. Establish a readership group :

Reader communities use straightforward but powerful marketing strategies to connect people with shared interests. Create Facebook groups where you can market your book together with other authors. Create a street team of supporters and volunteers that are dedicated to your cause. They will assist you in spreading the word and starting your very own fan club. Encourage your fans to join your fan club by hosting read-alongs and discussions. A creative and a well written book plays a key role.

7. List Your Book :

Your book will be listed on a lot of platforms and promoted to their audience. When your book is promoted through one of these platforms, it is more likely to get picked up because these platforms have already done the job of segmenting the audience and creating niches. You could sign up for:

Book Browse: This platform only accepts books from a small number of genres and only suggests 30 books every month. The website only accepts listings for books that can be sold in the United States and is free to use.

Free Booksy:

This website provides readers with free e-books in a variety of categories. Based on the price of the book and the amount of users the website has, authors charge different prices for each category.


This website lets authors register and advertises books of all kinds. The website offers a variety of promotion packages, all of which require clearance.

The platform provides paid and free promotion packages for all genres, according to Best Book Monkey. The platforms’ bundles are designed to increase exposure and conversions. Promotions only apply to books that are both free and under $4.99, though.


This website is devoted to books written by independent authors and publishers. The website accepts a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres and does not have aggressive price policies.


This platform allows you a wide range of possibilities for promoting your book, including using influencer networks, newspapers, and book reviews.


This is a network of four websites for product advertising, each with its own audience. Your book will be promoted on all 4 websites using one of the platform’s three promotion packages. The platform pushes books for 7-day and 30-day promotions, subject to specified restrictions and circumstances about the pricing of the book during the promotion.

My Book Place: This website provides a weekly promotion service for a flat rate. There are no explicit terms and conditions on the website, which accepts all different sorts of books, other than having to pay the cost before sharing the book.

Book Cave: Book Cave provides a platform for authors and books of all genres, with the exception of poetry and contentious literature. The platform provides a set of guidelines for promotions as well as a cap on book prices.

8. Book distribution internationally :

Book distributors assist you in getting your book featured in stores and ensure that it is aggressively promoted to accomplish this goal. You can use the trustworthy and well-established networks that distributors have to further advertise your book.

In other regions of the world, you can submit your book to Bookch, Luminare Press, Cardinal Publishing, Consortium, Green Leaf Book Group, and National Book Network, among others. Distributors often only work with a small number of publishers in a small number of places. Both electronic and printed distribution methods are provided by all distributors. As difficult as it may seem, we can assist you in getting your book into international bookshops. Send us your specifications, and we’ll connect you with the distributor who will best suit your book.

9. Other Effective Ideas :

Other suggestions that you might use for your book and which are ideal are as follows:

Give your book to libraries and organizations that are relevant. In this manner, readers can freely access your book.

Promote your book as a seasonal present. As part of your blog posts’ Christmas gift theme, mention your book.

Engage in live interviews and events so that people can see you and relate to you.

Pose a Q& A. You can host them on your own social media channels or participate in events, podcasts, and with other writers.

Continue putting out fresh books. Last but not least, more people will find you, follow you, and read you the more frequently you produce original and new content.

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