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All You Need To Know Regarding Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Local SEO is incredibly hard enough for any business, but incorporating multiple locations into the mix adds a new set of challenges. You want this store to get the internet visibility it deserves, whether you’re a small chain with a presence in a few adjacent communities or a national retailer with hundreds of locations. The additional work is worthwhile.  Today’s various SEO Company provides Local SEO Services to improve search engine results pages (SERPs) ranking.  According to Hubspot research, 50% of customers who use their mobile device to look up a local store visit that business within a day. Additionally, 60% of mobile users look for nearby goods and services using their handsets. Additionally, half of the local mobile searchers are looking for company details like a phone number or address.

To ensure you never lose a customer, consider implementing the following suggestions to optimize your company locations for local search.

  • Making location-based web pages

Most certainly, your business has a website, but you should create separate pages for each location. Displaying all of your company’s information on a single landing page won’t help your SEO efforts. Instead, you can have external opportunities for each page for local search when you develop unique ones. You must avoid making identical location pages for each. For each page, you should, however, add the following information, for instance:- A Google map with the exact position; The address, name and local contact information of the site; information related to the particulars of the location, such as a meal menu, the names of the staff or awards, managers, announcements, or other sorts of news.

Utilize Google My Business Listings for Each Location

You can create separate Google My Business listings for each location once you give each location on your website its unique URL. You can add links to the listing that take users directly to each URL.

Check each designated area and indicate the particular times for each location.

Add pictures of the area.

Select the same category for every location.

Especially if you have dozens or hundreds of locations, the process can take some time. You’ll receive a different code from Google for each location. It may take several days to receive the code, which is used to confirm the company’s location.

  • Produce Reliable Citations

Optimizing multiple locations for search requires consistency. Google will examine your company’s name and other information as it appears across various channels. You may deduct points for consistency in the SEO department. Check your listings, website, and other platforms to ensure your NAP is consistent everywhere. Your name shouldn’t have a geographic component because that would be inconsistent. Take the time necessary to make any inconsistencies right if you discover any.

  • Encourage evaluations for every spot.

While generating positive reviews for your business is important, location-specific reviews are equally important. You can encourage customers to leave reviews once you’ve taken the time to create distinct Google My Business listings for each location. These user reviews and star ratings are visible to others on your Google business listing. The more reviews a place has especially positive ones, the better chance it has of drawing visitors. Reviews are much more important for local SEO because they convey a clear message about the legitimacy of a business. People who have left reviews suggest that the place is still open for business and that the information on the listing is accurate. The negative aspect of encouraging reviews for each location is that you can’t easily manage them. The more locations you have, the more difficult it will be to control each one, and you must be ready to respond to reviews that customers leave. In the local business survey by Ignite Visibility, 58.1% of respondents said that a bad review is most likely to prevent them from contacting a local business.  This can be a substantial advantage for businesses with only one location because they can usually address complaints right away and create a positive personal impression. But that doesn’t preclude bigger companies from benefiting from the practice. It only requires a little organization and fine-tuning on your part.

  • Create Links to the Location Pages of Your Website

In SEO, backlinking seems to be efficacious. Building backlinks to each page is just as vital for businesses with multiple locations as for your main website. To achieve this, you should collaborate with regional organizations in your areas, such as chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, or other partners who will link to your location-based webpage. Hosting events, obtaining sponsorships, and producing local content can all assist in bringing in local backlinks that will help your SEO.


It would be astounding if you didn’t see outcomes after completing each of the five steps for each location. Just bear in mind that changing the needle can take time. Likely, you won’t achieve success overnight.

But if you diligently solicit reviews and manage your online presence for each location, you’ll benefit from a local SEO boost that will be difficult for rivals to compliment.


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