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How To Switch Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail EML With Emails, Attachments?

Switch Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail EML

PST and EML are two common file formats. PST file format is used by Microsoft Outlook and EML file format is used by many applications such as Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Entourage, etc. EML files store individual emails for sharing and backup.

In this blog, we will have a look at the methods a user can go through for switching their PST files to Windows Live Mail EML format. But, firstly let us know why a user seems to switch their PST files to EML format.
Reasons to convert the PST files to EML format

Here are some of the reasons for a user to convert their Outlook PST files to Windows Live Mail EML format. Let us have a look at these reasons.

  1. High Security: The Windows Live Mail client provides high security. The client keeps a check on the phishing emails, spam, the junk folder.
  2. Photo email: The EML file format has a high-quality photo.
  3. Good GUI: This Windows Mail Email Client has a high user interface; thus, users can easily use this advanced tool.
  4. Large Files sharing: A user can send any number of emails using the Windows Live Mail platform.

These are a few reasons for the users to switch from the MS Outlook platform to Windows Live Mail.

Automated solution

If you cannot view or open Outlook PST files in Windows Live Mail, you can download Softaken PST to EML Converter. This PST to EML conversion tool helps the user to open and view Outlook PST files in his EML format. No technical assistance is required to convert Outlook PST files to EML format. Users can easily perform these steps without encountering any obstacles. It is a professionally tested program used in this tool. This app provides users with a graphical user interface to easily convert Outlook PST files. Files are periodically checked for active non-trial conversions by the tool. This tool does not offer any kind of fault or data fraud.

Even without them, this advanced app is user-friendly. A time-saving app that helps users to convert Outlook PST files in bulk. Converting Outlook files to EML format using this tool is not difficult. In just a few minutes, the tool will give you accurate results. A highly compatible app that allows users to use this PST to EML conversion tool on any Mac operating system. The quality of your files is preserved, as is the case with this advanced PST to EML Converter tool. The conversion of EML files is tracked by the app while preserving file integrity, so users can get 100% accurate results.

If you want to check out the app then you can also download the free demo version of the app.

How the app works

To follow the conversion of PST files using the PST to EML converter tool, a user has to follow the below provided steps. These steps include:

  • Install this Outlook PST to EML Converter on your system
  • Launch the app
  • Insert the Outlook PST files you want to convert to EML format

  • Now, check the selected Outlook PST files

  • Choose how to save the converted PST files
  • Finally, right-click on the “Convert button

Users without facing any hurdles can go through the conversion task. Also, a user can have a look at the screenshots if they face any obligations.

Why select this PST to EML Converter tool

A user must select this advanced PST to EML Converter tool for the conversion of their PST files to EML format as:

  1. The app is easy to handle
  2. Can be used by any user without any hurdle
  3. No chance of error is there
  4. A reliable method to follow by any user
  5. The instant result is provided to the users

Manual method to switch the PST files to WLM format

A user can move from the PST files to EML format manually by following the drag and drop method. Let us have a look at the steps that a user has to follow while following this method of conversion.

  1. Open MS Outlook. Click File, and then select the Open button.
  2. Click on open view data file
  3. Browse the location of the PST file and select the file. Click OK to add the PST file to MS Outlook.
  4. To import PST file data into Outlook Express, open Outlook Express and click on the file.
  5. Select import from the drop-down option and then Messages from the drop-down menu.
  6. A new window will open as Outlook Express Import and select Microsoft Outlook from the list to select the email program to import from. Click the next button.
  7. Select any of these options which means All Folders or Select All Folders.
  8. Click the next button to perform the import process. Upon completion, congratulatory messages will be received, and click Finish.
  9. Once all Outlook data has been imported into Outlook Express, convert Outlook PST to EML easily using the drag and drop method.

Limitations of manual method

Users do face many hurdles while following the conversion of PST files to EML format. These limitations are provided below:

  1. Files are not properly maintained
  2. Chances of data loss are more
  3. The result are not accurate many a times
  4. Not a comfortable method to follow by the novice users

These are some of the limitations that are faced by the users while following the manual method.


In this blog, we have provided information about the conversion of PST files to EML format with the attachments. The platform gives all the possible knowledge. We have moreover, discussed both the methods of conversion that are professional or the automated solution or can use the manual method of conversion. It will be all up to the users to select their choice method of conversion.

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