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Complete Guide To Bixby App Download And Set Up

Trying to control digital smart devices via voice commands by yourself? Ok! Samsung Bixby Download is not a new method for you. Indeed,  Bixby Download is the official digital assistant on the internet. This technology can detect and respond to your voice commands, touch, and tap within a few seconds.

If you are a newcomer to this digital world, you may be looking at the complete guide to Bixby App Download and its setup. Happy to say that, you have come to the right place. From the beginning of this amazing tutorial, you can learn more faces belonging to the Bixby Voice APK and new updates of its series. Let’s go on! 

Samsung Bixby Download – Introduction

Are you looking at the most supported official digital assistant? Well, Bixby Download is the best solution for you. Indeed, Bixby App Download is the way you can easily control the device via voice commands. That means Bixby can understand all voice commands and respond to your tasks within a few seconds. 

As an example, if you want to check your calendar, send text messages, check sports scores, What’s the weather like today?, block the last number called, reminders, YouTube, settings menus, contacts list, gallery, camera app, launch apps, and more from your Samsung devices like smartphone, Smart TV or Refrigerator, and more, Samsung Bixby Download can easily detect all the commands and responds to the functions quickly. Indeed, Bixby Voice APK can recognize the individual voices of different people.

So, all smartphones, tablets, and other specific smart home equipment users can control these device functions with Bixby voice command, touch, tap, and more in a hands-free way.

Bixby Voice APK Latest Versions

  • Bixby Voice October 3, 2021 – Latest!
  • Bixby Voice September 28, 2021
  • Bixby Voice September 19, 2021
  • Bixby Voice July 16, 2021
  • Bixby Voice July 11, 2021
  • Bixby Voice May 10, 2021
  • Bixby Voice April 29, 2021
  • Bixby Voice February 13, 2021

Bixby Voice APK Popular Voice Commands on Samsung Smart TV, Smartphone, & Refrigerators 

  • Hi Bixby, Open Google in the web browser
  • Hi Bixby, Connect to the soundbar
  • Hi Bixby, Check the internet connection
  • Hi Bixby, show all of the foods in the fridge
  • Hi Bixby, What time is it in London?
  • Hi Bixby, show me what’s inside the fridge.
  • Hi Bixby, play Pandora.
  • Hi Bixby, Show me Game of Thrones
  • Hi Bixby, show me movies on Netflix
  • Hi Bixby, What’s the weather like today?
  • Hi Bixby, What’s the forecast today?
  • Hi Bixby, Show the Happy Holiday story
  • Hi Bixby, Connect the Bluetooth speaker
  • Hi Bixby, Disconnect the speaker
  • Hi Bixby, Turning off Wi-Fi or enabling dark mode
  • Hi Bixby, Blocking the last number called 
  • Hi Bixby, Check the sports scores
  • Hi Bixby, Show photos
  • Hi Bixby, Show photos from the album camera
  • Hi Bixby, Find Mission Impossible with Jeremy Renner
  • Hi Bixby, Turn on the light
  • Hi Bixby, Change the light bulb dimming level to 20

Compatible Languages of Bixby App Download

English(UK), Portuguese (Brazil), Tajik, Thai, Turkish, Tamil, Telugu, Xhosa, English(USA), English (US), Yiddish, Welsh, Mandarin Chinese(China), French(France), Yoruba, Zulu, Korean(South Korea), Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Portuguese(Brazil), German(Germany), Spanish (Spain), Spanish(Spain), Italian(Italy), and more other languages. 

An Alternative Intelligent Personal Assistant to Bixby App Download

Alice, Memex, Apple Siri, Viv (software), Evi, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, BlackBerry Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Cyc, Bixby (virtual assistant), Google Assistant, Knowledge Graph, Clova, Celia (virtual assistant), Clova (virtual assistant), Knowledge Navigator, Haptik, S Voice, etc.

Can I Download Bixby Voice APK?

The answer is Yes. Would you like to Download Bixby? Well, you just need to visit the official website Bixby App Download link here. You can download the latest released versions as well. Before you are going to run this process on your Android devices, you should have Enable Unknown Sources. (Settings > Select Security > Enable Unknown Sources). 

After that, you can easily run the installation process of the Bixby Download without any issues. Next, you can connect the Samsung device with the Wi-Fi or mobile network and sign in to your Samsung account.

Once the installation process is done on your Samsung smartphone, the device will reboot and then you will see the Bixby Voice APK icon on the Samsung Galaxy. Finally, you can hold down the Bixby button while you talk or you can say ‘Hi Bixby’ to activate the Bixby voice-powered digital assistant on your Samsung smartphone.

How to Download Bixby On Windows and MAC Computers?

If you are a Windows and Mac computer device user, you can go through the below setup to Download Bixby from the trusted Bluestacks software.

Then you can connect with the Wi-Fi or mobile network and go with the sign-up process of your Samsung account. Now, you can easily run the downloaded Bixby Voice on your computer. Press on the ‘install’ button to get the latest version of the Bixby Voice.

Once the Bixby Voice installation is completed, you can see the Bixby Voice on your computer. Next, you can launch the Bixby by holding the Bixby key and telling your question or command, and releasing the Bixby key. Finally, you can use the Bixby App Download Assistant on Windows or Mac OS computers as you want. 

Safety Note of Bixby App Download

  • You should be connected with a stable Wi-Fi or mobile network connection 
  • Sign in to your Samsung Account on your Android device
  • You have at least 70% battery power on your smart device
  • Virus-free application to download

Developer Credits

Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd introduced the most supported Voice Assistant called Bixby App Download to Samsung users. No doubt, this digital assistant is a 100% safe voice Assistant to your smartphones, tablets, and other specific smart home equipment in a hands-free way at this moment. So, all the developer credits go to them. 

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