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How student reports can helps in online learning

As we are aware that the online industry is booming every now and then, e-learning has become a common phenomenon. Educational institutions are investing in School Management Software for automating the day-to-day activities of the administrative department. Above all, a survey conducted shows that e-learning might surpass $280 billion by 2023. Does that sound amazing? Before moving to our blog, we can have a look at the demerits of traditional generation of school reports.

For instance, there are diverse issues regarding the conventional method of report generation in school campuses. As teachers are concerned, they are not able to take the full class hours on the go. Well, you might be surprised. Teachers need to do some sort of administrative tasks which consumes more time and effort. As a result of these additional tasks, productivity also decreases.

What are the issues to discuss?

Manual intervention is a major concern with the traditional version of school operations. Today, there is clear evidence that admissions are increasing every now and then. Also, administrative burdens are also increasing accordingly.

Let’s check out some:

  1. Reduced safety assurance

2. Lower dependability

3. Stores manually entered information

4. Not easily accessible

5. Reduces productivity

6. Paper based handling of reports

7. The paper-based files required to be stored in a large area.

Do you want to rectify the above mentioned issue?

To run a school efficiently, report management is given prime importance for the administrative department. As of now, technology has brought a vast increase in the efficiency of the educational system. In other words, School ERP has all that you desire.
All you need is real-time data with easy access to data from anywhere anytime. These data are referred to as customized reports.

What do you mean by custom reports?

Each school varies from their day-to-day activities and has a different workflow. Henceforth the reports differ and need to be modified as per the requirement of educational institutions. Custom reports are an all-in-one solution to get precise real-time data access.

Let us cite an example; say an administrator wants to prepare a report for those students going for cultural fest. The attendance percentage of students is less than the minimum requirement. Moreover, the report was not submitted on-time.

This is indeed a painful area with the traditional method of preparing manual reports. Custom reports can be generated with the help of advanced features of educational technologies. In other words, you can receive the above mentioned list of data using School Management System. The data generated has a custom report facility with advanced filters to get quality real-time reports.

List the benefits of Custom Reports

The beneficiaries are school admin, teachers, students and parents. Check out some of the benefits:

  1. Create subject-wise, class-wise and section-wise attendance reports.

2. Generate reports regarding exams, including exam on term-wise, batch-wise

3. Create a pay slip report on a week, month, or yearly basis.

4. Produce a thorough weekly and monthly planner report.

5. Generates dynamic fees reports capability

6. Staff and student information reports

7. Generates class- and section-wise student assessment reports

8. Academic reports for students

Was this article beneficial? Feel free to comment your suggestions and feedback. We will be back soon with another engaging blog. Check out the simple tips for exam success.

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