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What Are The Various Courses Related To Accounting?

Accountants are considered the backbone of an organisation. So accountant professionals can have never ending job opportunities. There are huge varieties of accounting courses that can make you professional in the accounting field. Some of the benefits of studying accounting courses are providing a flexible career path, high salaries, job security, improved skills, and more. This also can help you manage your finance more effectively or be an entrepreneur.

Some of the top courses related to accounting are ACCA, CMA, CPA, CA, CBAT, DIA, PGBAT, PGDIFA, CAT and more. The successful completion of an accounting course gain the required skills and practical knowledge in order to work in the industry.

Accounting Courses


ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a globally recognised certification. This certification can help you to be a chartered certified accountant. ACCA certification can help you to build a better career in accounts and finance. Since it is a globally recognised certification that enables you to explore a job in different industries across the world. To be ACCA certified you need to pass exams based on the ACCA curriculum along with practical experiences.


CMA(Cost and Management Accounting) deals with management accounting and financial management fields. This certification upgrades candidates with knowledge of financial planning, analysis, control, decision support and professional ethics. To be CMA certified you need to pass an exam conducted by CMA bodies. The main bodies that offer CMA certification are the Institute of Management Accountants(USA), the Institute of Certified Management Accountants(Australia) and Certified Management Accountants(Canada).


CPA(Certified Public Accountant) certification enables you to be a licensed certified accountant. They are responsible and committed to work based on public interest. To be CPA certified you need to pass an exam with the required experience. CPA courses mainly focuses on taxation, auditing, evaluation, regulatory framework, planning and management of finance, ethics and more.


CA(Chartered Accountant) certification enables an individual to manage the accounting and taxation of a business or an organisation. They also deal with financial management and handle financial audits. The CA course mainly focuses on the practice of accounting, business mathematics, reasoning, statistics, reporting, commercial knowledge and more.


CBAT(Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation) is a six month accounting and taxation course that provides an idea about most of the accounting software and tax systems. CBAT mainly focuses on topics such as GST return filing, Income Tax, Advanced Tax, cooperate Law and more. It is the best course for accounting and taxation professionals.


DIA(Diploma In Indian Accounting) is a two month course that can help you to ensure a secure career in accounting. The DIA course mainly focuses on topics such as basic accounting, GST return filing, self preparation of cash budget, tally prime, Income Tax and more. This course also offers you hand on experience in the related field.


PGBAT(PG Diploma In Business Accounting and Taxation) is a one year course in accounting and taxation. This course can make you familiar with the use of accounting software such as SAP FICO ERP software, Tally Prime and Quickbooks. It also provides practical and theoretical knowledge on topics like Basic Accounting, GST, Income Tax, MS Excel tools, Corporate Law, ESI, PF and more. The main career options for this job are Internal Audit, Taxation, Auditing, Real Estate Financing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting and more.


PGDIFA(PG Diploma In Indian and Foreign Accounting) is one year course that help you to build a strong career in finance and accounting. This certification can help you to get a job in India or abroad. PGDIFA course mainly focuses on Income Tax, GST Returns, corporate law, auditing, ESI and PF calculations, cash budget, MIS report and more. This course also makes you familiar with accounting software such as SAP FICO, Tally Prime and QuickBooks Online. This course also enhance candidates with practical experience.


CAT(Certified in Accounting Technicians) is the best accounting course for an individual who wants to establish a career in management accounting. The CAT certification is issued by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India(ICAI).

If you want to pursue this career, you should understand their roles and responsibilities in order to determine which accounting certification to complete. There are many accounting courses you can capture if you want to be an accounting professional. Capturing an accounting course can provide you with additional skills and knowledge. To capture it in an efficient way find a perfect instructor for you.

There are so many institutes that provide short term courses that help to make professional accountants. Finprov Learning is one of the best institutes to provide Accounting and Financing courses. Some of the accounting and finance courses provided by Finprov are PGBAT, CBAT, CMA USA, CA Foundation, PGDIFA, Gulf VAT, GST, SAP FICO, DIA, CHRPP(HR payroll processing) and more. These courses are provided to learners by the best trainers and with the best technical support.The practical training program supports learners to achieve the best in their career. 

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