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How can the education sector get benefits from blockchain?

Blockchain technology is used in numerous industries including finance, healthcare, medical etc. The education sector is not far away from it. Due to the decentralized as well as secure nature of this technology, the education industry is embracing blockchain to great extent. Even a few years back, the term – “Blockchain” was less known to people. With the help of it, educational certificate verification, issuing them etc can become so simple. Read this blog to explore a lot about blockchain benefitting the education sector.


Why is blockchain making a bigger place in the education sector?


No doubt blockchain has been treading fast in the financial industry but the education sector is such a field blockchain is proving extremely beneficial. How? In this sector, certificates play a major role. Many academic institutions are shifting from paper-based education certificates to digital certificates, but they are highly susceptible to fraud. Here blockchain technology can be advantageous in offering protection & security against fake certificates


Blockchain technology is constantly making a place in the education sector. The benefits of using this technology are at par, especially the data security part. This technology offers secure data to users even if a single node or more nodes get corrupted. Users can go for an electronic document secure QR code to secure their valuable educational documents.


What are the prominent benefits which blockchain offers to the education sector?


Blockchain technology can have a positive impact on the education industry. Have a glance at how that is possible:


  1. Secure record management of students


Every day, loads of documents get recorded in educational institutions, so managing those valuable credentials is no less of an arduous task for the big education; institutions. With the blockchain’s introduction, securing documents can become easy. Students leaving the respective institution can find the process of transferring student records simple. Educational institutions can store data such as e-documents and many more on the blockchain by scanning QR codes. Use certificate validation QR codes for validating educational documents.


  1. Avoid forgery and fraud in the education sector


Many people commit counterfeiting education certificates but nowadays, the educational sector has begun to use blockchain technology to avoid such fraudulent works. Blockchain offers a transparent ledger for the certificates. Hacking or altering data can be almost impossible for cybercriminals.


  1. Validation of data becomes hassle-free


Educational institutions or organizations that will hire students can ensure that the educational documents are the right ones via QR codes. Accessing these records can be done by scanning the QR codes. The hash value of the QR code must match the hash of the blockchain to guarantee authenticity.


  1. Storage of documents


The education industry is coping with the issues of storing valuable educational documents but with blockchain, it is easy due to the integration with the cloud which can enhance the procedure of complete document storage.


We hope you have liked this post about blockchain technology benefiting the education sector. Everything in the education industry can become secure and simpler with blockchain from the creation of E-certificates to educational certificate verificationYou can reach out to Proofeasy to get the perks of blockchain technology.

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