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Orbi Pink Light | Ultimate Solution To Solve This Error

Fix Orbi Pink Light Issue

Network devices make our life easy. We can use many smart devices with the help of these devices. Orbi routers are a well-known name in the wifi device market. The use of Orbi routers makes internet speed stable and we can use many devices with them. There is no dead area in your home. Users can also identify various errors quickly in Orbi routers.

It comes with mesh wifi technology and shows different colors on devices. It becomes easy for users to recognize the specific error. The most common problem is Orbi’s pink light. It is located on the top corner of Orbi, and it turns pink when the error occurs with Orbi. We can also do Orbi Login to review its settings.

Meaning of Orbi Pink Light

When the sync of Orbi satellites fails, it shows pink light. There is a possibility of poor networks or cables. We do not connect its Ethernet cable properly with it. Users can always prefer to use the best network connection so that their Orbi router works perfectly. Users can fix Orbi Pink Light problems quickly in different ways.

Methods to Fix Orbi Pink Light Issue

When the user faces the Orbi Pink Light issue, it becomes critical for them to fix it. It is also imperative to use the best ways to fix it correctly. Let’s check various ways to solve the pink light problem.

Weak Network

A weak network connection usually causes the pink light problem in Orbi. Users can check their internet connection first. Connect your laptop to a router with a LAN cable to ensure the network speed is fast enough. They can also check internet speed so that you can check with other devices. There is also a need for a quick reboot of the router because there is a chance of network conjunction. It becomes the main reason for the slow network. Users can also check all connected wires of a router. If they are loose, then tighten them quickly. A reboot of Orbi also solves the pink light problem.

Connectivity To Satellite

There is a need to check the internet connection to fix Orbi Pink Light. We do not connect its base station with a satellite. There is a requirement to place the Orbi satellite within the range of its base station. After this, it syncs perfectly.

Loose Cables

When we attach loose or damaged cables, they show a pink light. Users can connect the LAN cable to the WLAN port and Orbi base station properly. If any cable is damaged, there is a need to change them quickly. It helps in fixing current problems.

Firmware Update

The primary reason for Orbi Pink Light is using outdated firmware. The firmware plays an important role and it works as a bridge between the router and the Orbi device. It is essential to update firmware regularly. Users can use these steps to update the firmware of their Orbi device.

  • Users can visit the official website of Orbi.
  • Now goes to the Manual option.
  • Search for the latest firmware. Now download it.
  • After this, it will start its update.
  • Wait for a few seconds. It automatically updates the firmware.

It is also crucial to use the correct Orbi Login details. There is also required to use the correct username and password. Users can quickly log in and perform a firmware update.

Factory Reset

The last method is to reset the Orbi device. It helps in fixing Orbi Pink Light. Users can use the following steps to reset the Orbi. When we reset them, it comes into default settings. Users need to set up their devices again perfectly.

When we reset them, it comes into default settings. Users need to set up their devices again perfectly.

  • The search reset button on the Orbi device.
  • Hold and press the button with a sharp tool for 30 seconds.
  • Users can see that their Orbi device is in default settings.
  • During this process, don’t turn off or disturb the reset process.
  • We can also use Orbi login for reset.
  • Open a web browser and enter or use the default IP address
  • Now access the portal.
  • We go to admin settings and tap on advanced settings.
  • Choose the reset option and click on its checkbox.
  • Enable Orbi’s factory reset process.
  • When the reset process is complete, there is a need to sync the Orbi satellite with your router.

These help us to reset Orbi and solve Orbi Pink Light.

Sum Up

When we use the above ways to fix Orbi Pink Light it becomes easy-to-use Orbi. Users can follow all steps properly and quickly solves current issues. It is also crucial to know the reason for the existing problem in the Orbi device. Users also know the meaning of the colors of lights on Orbi. For more information, visit our website Blogspinners.

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