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Gojek Clone App Development – Multiple On-Demand Services in One Platform

Won’t our lives be much better with one app offering multiple services? It would be because we won’t have to worry about our phone storage space. Downloading one app that provides every service from booking a taxi ride to food delivery, and on-demand car washers will save space on mobile. Therefore, you can use this space to hold more photos, and videos, or download your favorite games. But, is there such an app? Gojek Clone app is an on-demand multi-service app that offers 82+ services to users. It has every feature and function available on Uber, Grab, Deliveroo, Postmates, and other such applications! 

What Multiple Services Are Available on the App like Gojek? 

As already mentioned, the app lets the users avail of more than 82+ on-demand services such as: 

1. Taxi and moto booking 

Users can book taxi or moto rides from x location to y using their smartphone and also iWatch! This service is similar to what Uber offers but a lot more convenient and flexible. Customers can book a rental or carpool option for a cheaper and quicker commute across the city. 

In short, the customers can easily choose a taxi ride or moto ride instantly or even choose to schedule it.

2. Online video consultation 

The Gojek Clone app also lets the customers book an online video consultation with the providers like tutors, lawyers, doctors, and many more. This service allows the customers to consult with the professionals without personally visiting them! Not only are you safely getting professional help but you also save your time and efforts to visit them at their service locations. 

3. Service bidding 

Customers can bid for the service by posting the job task in the handyman’s category. Thereafter, the providers and the users can start bidding, virtually in real-time. It will let the customers find a local handyman easily and get the job done by agreeing upon a win-win situation. 

4. On-demand services at the fingertips 

Your customers can book on-demand services like beauticians, car washers, babysitters, tow trucks, and so on. The app provides two options to users, either to choose the provider’s service location or get at-home services. Thus, depending on the customer’s requirements, they can select a suitable option. 

5. Courier delivery from x to y location 

Besides taxi booking, the Gojek Clone app also offers the service of parcel delivery within the city. Here, the customers can choose the cargo vehicle according to their parcel’s quantity and size. Next, add one or multiple drop-off locations within the city, and finally, pay online for ease. Like people, here things move from one place to another! 

6. On-demand delivery from stores and restaurants 

Lets your customers order food, medicines, groceries, flowers, bottled water, and much more from nearby stores or restaurants. Customers can order a doorstep delivery, contactless or otherwise, and also take-away if they wish to!  

In short, no more driving to stores, standing in long queues, and carrying the goods home because they will be delivered at the customer’s front door! 

7. Hire a delivery genie or delivery runner 

The Gojek Clone app has one of the best services for letting customers hire personal shoppers or errand-runners. A delivery genie will fetch, purchase, and deliver the stuff your customers need. Whereas, the delivery runner will run errands for them such as picking-up stuff or dropping off something! 


On the whole, the Gojek Clone app is the on-demand multi-service platform that every customer should use and every entrepreneur should invest in. Customers will get everything they need on one platform whereas the entrepreneur will enjoy humongous profit-earning plus success! 

Invest in this amusing app right away!


Aaron Diaz is a technical writer of gojek app clone development company. He loves exploring new things and sharing writeup skill with others. He has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry.

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