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Get The Depression Treatment You Need

Məntal health is one of the issues that is affecting the present generation in India. Especially among working Indians, deteriorating mental health is a problem and it is shameful that few put little emphasis on a matter as serious as this.

Depression, if chronic, can lead to other serious mental issues such as bipolar disorder, mood swings, and multiple personality disorder as well. You can opt for depression treatment in Siliguri for yourself or your loved ones in severe cases and get treatment to get out of depression as soon as possible.

8 Warning Signs Of Depression

  • Consistently being low:

A consistent, stubborn low feeling is the first warning sign of depression. People usually experience high and low feelings but the feeling of being low is more pronounced in people suffering from depression.

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  • An empty feeling:

People with chronic depression often explain a feeling of void or being “empty inside.” Check if you feel this chronic empty feeling too, it might be a warning sign of chronic depression.

  • Lack of interest in activities:

Suffering from depression means that an individual may feel lethargic during any kind of activity. They often complain of being tired and excuse themselves from the event at hand.

  • Anger issues and irritability:

Being irritable and angry at minor issues is a sign of depression at its peak. Individuals suffering from depression may feel irritated at the slightest of things and may lose control of their temper suddenly without any warning.

  • Constantly feeling tired:

Chronic tiredness without any explainable reason is a sign of chronic depression. People may abruptly change their food habits too, suddenly eating too less or too much. This will result in drastic weight loss or weight gain and hamper the physical health of the person as well.

  • Insomnia/sleeplessness:

People who suffer from depression experience chronic bouts of insomnia and spend sleepless nights, walking around or indulging in any addiction. Sleeplessness is an indication of depression in a human being.

  • Feeling hopeless and helpless:

Circumstances in life often make us deal with situations where we never imagined we would be. Unfortunate incidences or trauma can lead to a feeling of your back being against the wall and being completely helpless and devoid of any hope either.

  • Thoughts of death or ending life by suicide:

More often than not, people who suffer from severe depression experience thoughts about ending their life and contemplate suicide.

Consult A Psychiatrist For Depression

You can get proper treatment for depression with the help of a psychiatrist in Siliguri who will guide you and provide the suitable remedies, including medication in severe cases. With proper care, you can expect a better quality of life for yourself or your near and dear ones.

A psychiatrist is a medical professional who is well-equipped to deal with mental illnesses, including chronic depression. Get the depression treatment you need from there With suitable medical intervention, you can get back on track, rid yourself of any mental issues troubling you, and have a good life ahead.

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