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How To Choose A Quality Mask For Protection

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, many people are attempting to switch to a higher-quality mask. It is, however, simpler to say than to do.

Anyone who has looked for a mask online or in a store has seen a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Choosing which mask to use and ensuring it isn’t a fake necessitates the forensic investigator’s investigative talents.

And even when you’ve decided, it’s still a risk; many people find they’ve ordered a mask that’s either too big or too tiny for their face, or just doesn’t fit well.

Face masks can provide some protection to the wearer, albeit the amount varies widely depending on the style of the mask. You should not use them for physical separation of at least 6 feet from people, frequent handwashing, and avoiding gatherings.

When those precautions are in combination with masks, they can make a significant difference.

Choosing the right mask

Masks come in a wide range of sorts of shapes. There are masks in the “cup” form, “duckbill” style, and “flat-fold” style.

Begin by ordering in tiny quantities and experimenting with several styles to discover the one that best suits your face. One size fits most is a common description for many masks.

Some, on the other hand, are available in smaller or larger sizes. If you put on a respirator but it doesn’t establish a seal to your face, you’re not getting the full advantage.

Focus on the material, fit, and breathability when picking a mask, according to experts. However, if you can’t breathe well while wearing it, you’ll be less likely to keep it on. Let’s discuss the different types of masks available:

Fabric masks

Analyze the fabric itself first. The weave’s tightness is quite crucial. Hold your cloth up to the light to see whether you can see the contour of the individual fibers. If you can, it won’t make a good filter.

A tight-weave 100% cotton is a smart bet, according to researchers. This is because cotton’s natural fibers have a more three-dimensional structure than synthetic fibers, which are smoother at the microscopic level.

Masks with many layers are more effective at preventing small particles in several studies.

Avoid exhalation valve masks

The front of some fabric and disposable masks has an exhalation valve. The valve makes it simpler to exhale, but it also lets unfiltered air out, which means it will not save others if you’re sick. Perhaps, the major reason for wearing a mask is to protect others.

Keep it tidy

Cloth masks should be washed regularly with washing up liquid and hot water, according to experts. Before reusing the mask, make sure it is totally dry, as a damp mask can make breathing difficult and encourage the growth of bacteria.

Medical masks

Medical masks are specifically for safety purposes thus they play a major role in the protection from viruses and bacteria. The following types of masks fall in the category of medical masks:

  • N95 respirators
  • KN95 respirators
  • Surgical masks
  • Children’s masks

N95 respirators

They are meant to form a snug fit around the mouth and nose. They can filter at least 95% of tiny particles in the air when worn correctly. These respirators provide excellent protection for both the user and others around them.

One of the explanations they’re so powerful is that: N95s comprise numerous layers of thin polypropylene fibers that trap inbound and outbound particles and droplets using static electricity.

N95s, on the other hand, are still in low supply, according to specialists, and should be saved for healthcare workers and first rescuers. If you do manage to obtain an N95, be aware that some of the respirators on the market are counterfeit.

KN95 respirators

The Chinese government regulates KN95 respirators, which screen out at least 95% of small particles in the air like an N95. However, testing indicates that the performance of many of the KN95s on the market is “all over the place,” and that many of them are fake.

Perhaps. It’s an attempt to alleviate medical device and personal protective equipment shortages that have arisen as a result of the pandemic.

While some counterfeits do filter out at least 95% of particles, others are disastrously ineffective. If you own a KN95, be aware that you may not be getting nearly as much coverage as you believe. So, to assist keep you secure, stay up with those other routines.

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are disposable face masks that are wrapped over the face loosely. They were scarce at the onset of the pandemic but are now more commonly available.

They’re mostly made to keep other people safe from the wearer and to stop large particle droplets or droplets in the air, but not very small particles.

Surgical masks have been proven to stop the vast majority of respiratory secretions released by an infected person, according to research. When tested with the same procedures used to test N95 respirators, however, how well a surgical mask shields you, the wearer, from tiny particles might vary greatly.

The FDA has certified several surgical masks for medical usage, and they have greater filtering efficiency.

Children’s masks

For parents looking for masks for their children, the mask sector is highly difficult. Any mask purporting to be an N95 for children is a counterfeit because no N95 mask has been approved for use by children.

N95s, on the other hand, come in S/M sizing, which may be appropriate for certain older children. KN95 and KF94 masks come in kid-friendly styles.


To conclude, protective mask manufacturers work directly with approved distributors, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal if you see an N95 mask at a big box store.

Checking manufacturer websites to see where their items are sold and who their authorized distributors are is a good idea. Finding a reliable mask is more difficult because genuine masks are often mixed with fake products, and the differences aren’t always clear.

Regardless of whether you use a cloth or surgical mask, you shouldn’t expect to be able to be in close contact with others for long periods. These masks may provide you with a few extra minutes of protection, but they aren’t perfect. Not in hours. Not for extended periods.

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