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Emerging Trends In Educational Technology In 2021

Everyone is aware of today’s situation about COVID-19, and it changes everything in the world. Every country is now trying to become more digitalized as possible because there becomes a risk outside. It has changed the way we teach and learn. It has affected the education not only education it also affected on the economy and many other things. Due to this reason to make our education system digitalized there are many trends came up in 2020 which can also be very useful in future.

Machine learning Big Data, and the internet of things(IoT) was also the trends in 2019. But in 2020 students now have to get used to distance learning via digital platforms due to social distancing. There are many services which became online due to this reason. So here are some educational trends in 2020.


Distance learning became the top trend in educational technology overnight in 2020 due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and closures of schools. This has contributed to a growing demand for educational platforms online. eLearning is electronically delivered education or training. It can be online slide-based exercises, or it can also be an online course that allows an organization to train workers in the skills needed.

In this trend, education is delivered to students through laptops, desktop computers or mobile phones and any other electronic gadgets through which students can get their education just by sitting at home.

Learning Video-Assisted

Video learning became more popular in recent years but still, it is also very popular. In which students can learn by video lectures. We know videos help to remember anything for a long time and due to this reason, this trend also helps students to memorize things for the long term. In this trend teachers or institutions can use animations, podcasts that will help students to learn something quickly and easily.

In distance learning, where students learn through computer screens, this trend is also booming. Videos are extremely beneficial for enriching lessons and making content comprehensible, particularly animated videos. It increases the outcomes of students and decreases the workload of teachers.

Network technology

Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) brings so many benefits, particularly data storage, to education. It adds another “block” to the system any time new data is added, so the capacity is technically unlimited. The data will be encrypted at the same time and spread through several machines in the system. It makes it decentralized and straightforward to transact info.

This technology is used in online skills and portfolios to ensure skills and knowledge. It can also help students to publish their accomplishments during searching for a job.

Learning Analytics:

The current learning analytics landscape, especially for higher education, has dramatically expanded. Analytics of learning enables students to evaluate and report student learning only on the internet. Through that, they can better understand and refine learning for them. When teachers read information from the learning processes of students, they will appropriately enhance their students’ awareness and ability acquisition. Teachers, for example, can see what kind of data (text, images, infographics, or videos) students like most and use it more in their subsequent lessons. Teachers are now able to note what pieces of information have not been delivered successfully and to strengthen them next time.


We know after studying for some time we become bored and then we will rest or do something we will give some fun. So gamification is the process in which teachers can put any type of game it doesn’t mean that you need to put any video game it means you can set a game for any IQ level or any game which can also help students to learn something about their relative subject.

Most of the time students do not participate in the classroom so for pupils, there is no excuse not to be actively involved in classroom sports. When they are engaging in fun game events, students can learn and practice. Gaming features help create a fun and productive learning experience for learners.

In the K-12 educational field, the implementation of gamification is most widespread. It’s because, in a game, children are easily interested in gaming videos or having higher scores. It does not suggest, however, that higher education or corporate training does not require enjoyable elements to enhance learners’ level of engagement.

Artificial intelligence:

In the US market for EdTech, AI is now the “in thing” People have predicted that AI will become the key trend and rise by more than 45% by 2021. So why is the trend booming for EdTech in one of the largest markets in the world? First and foremost, AI, such as grading, will automate basic tasks in education. The grading of multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions will now be automated by educators. Therefore, automatic grading of student writing will not be far behind.  That’s why some schools use AI systems to monitor student progress and to warn teachers when there might be a problem with the performance of students.

Learning with VR and AR

VR stands for virtual reality and AR stands for Augmented reality. It also becomes the trend for Nursing Assignment Help to use educational technologies. Learning has been a lot more engaging than typical techniques. While VR provides a built reality, AR provides a real image with an improved view. They, therefore, help to clarify abstract concepts that could not offer students basic pictures or even the hands-on experiments of a laboratory.

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