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3 Major Quality Determiners of the Industrial Fasteners

Industrial fasteners made and supplied by the top standard and square nuts manufacturer play a very critical role in a large number of industries right from manufacturing to aviation. They are the tools that bind two or even objects together in an assembly or structure. Some of the major industries that make use of fasteners include below:

  • Aviation industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Construction industry
  • Mechanical industry, and
  • Automotive industry.

Industrial fasteners find applications in very harsh and hostile working conditions, they need to be qualitative and performance-packed. Almost all the standard bolts and lock nuts manufacturers in India produce a wide range of industrial fasteners for different applications. Each fastener treats differently keeping in view the nature of the applications.

This article discusses some of the major quality determiners of the industrial fasteners in the points:

The material choose for the manufacturing

Industrial fasteners manufacture using a wide range of metals to serve diverse purposes. Stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum, brass, and copper of the top materials chosen for the manufacturing of industrial fasteners. Which metal a manufacturer will choose depends upon the nature of the application. It means in what kind of environment a particular fastener use. The selection of the material made.

In various cases, the standard materials cannot live up to the expectations of the applications. For example, there are specific industries like chemical and aviation where fasteners made of special alloys use. An alloy is a combination of either two or even more, metals created by the top standard and square nuts manufacturer to create some special fasteners as per the exacting needs of their clients.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is one of the most important processes carried out by almost all the leading standard and bolts and lock nuts manufacturers in India to provide fasteners with so many features and attributes. In heat treatment furnaces, all fasteners temper and treated to achieve the properties:

  • Desired hardness
  • Necessary tensile strength
  • Impact strength
  • Torque strength
  • Yield strength
  • Fatigue strength, and
  • % elongation.

The industrial fasteners manufacturers who have state-of-the-art, continuous PLC controlled, atmosphere-controlled hardening and tempering furnaces can produce the best quality fasteners. The heat treatment facility plays a very pivotal role in determining the quality of fasteners.

Thread locking & Sealing

As industrial fasteners find applications in a wide range of industries, they need to be made by manufacturers in different types of thread locking and sealing abilities. To determine the overall good quality, the following areas need to be addressed very minutely adhering to all the national and international standards:

  • Thread Locking & Sealant
  • Patch & Inserts, and Pre-applied Adhesives
  • Waxes, and Seal Lock
  • Nylon Patch, and Loctite
  • Sealant, and Adhesive
  • Pre-coating

The patch and sealant extend all the necessary support in bringing uniformity in the development of locking torque between the mating threads. This is the reason, thread locking and sealing abilities consider to be a great quality determiner of industrial fasteners. At various times, the said attributes determined by the level of quality desired by any particular customer.

Concluding Remarks

Super Screws is one of the leading industrial fastener manufacturers in India offering high-quality fastening solutions to various industries the world over. The company has been serving its clients for around the past 50 years with an ever-growing customer base in every part of the world. The company’s research and development team is always engrossed in creating newer and better fastening solutions to provide their customers the edge they want within the concerned industry verticals.

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