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Can You Put Composite Decking over Wood Deck?

Yes, composite decking may be installed over a wood deck. However, removing the old wood decking and replacing it with composite is the ideal approach to installing new composite decking. When it comes to decks, wood is nice, but not as good as composite when it comes to installing them in your home. The problem with wood decks is that they deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements. Wooden decks collect water and deteriorate when they are exposed to the elements. This rot lowers the decking’s longevity and provides an uneven surface. If you have wood decking and wish to replace it with composite decking, you may do it easily.

Advantages of composite decking

Advantages of composite decking 

The advantages of composite decking much outnumber those of wood. Composite decking is long-lasting and resilient, so you may use it for a long time. Additionally, composite decking has a nice appearance when installed, and it will give your yard a lovely aspect. decking for the outdoors They don’t absorb water as wood decks do, and they have a non-slip surface. This implies that when you walk on composite decks, you won’t slip. Composite decking is only a few pounds more expensive than wood decking, and it will pay for itself in the long run. If your trädäck is showing symptoms of rot or you wish to replace it with composite decking, replacing it is an excellent idea. You’ll find out if you can lay your new composite decking on top of your old wood deck in this post.

Replacing your Wood Decking

Replacing your Wood Decking

If your wood decks are old and degrading, you may replace them with composite decks, as described in the first section. You could wish to leave the wood decks in place and install your new composite decks on top of them. This method of installing komposittrall may appear to be a simple solution to your problem, but you must evaluate the drawbacks. One thing to keep in mind is that putting composite decking on top of wood decks will raise the deck’s ground surface. If the new deck links with your existing deck, you’ll need to modify the level of your doors. In addition, the stair level will be raised.

This will make moving items to the additional level formed by placing composite decking on top of wood decking difficult. Another factor to consider is composite decking’s weight. This is due to the fact that composite decks are heavier than wood decks. As a result, adding composite decking on top of wood decking will double the structure’s weight. As a result, placing composite decking over wood decking may not be the best decision.

How can i replace Wood Decking

How can I replace Wood Decking?

By removing the surface decking, you may properly replace your wood decking with composite decking. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to check for deterioration on the joist where you’ll be installing the composite. You should also inspect the frame’s base to determine whether it is still solid. If necessary, you can strengthen the deck’s base. Also, because composite decking requires more frames than wood decking, you should increase the number of frames in the construction. After the foundation is in place, you may begin putting the composite decking. When installing a composite deck, you must avoid utilizing nails. Then, using a drilling machine, attach your composite decking boards to the side of the joist by side. When installing composite decking in your home, you can select whatever color you like. The composite decking’s color blending will give your yard a nice appearance.


Removing the old wood decking and replacing it with composite decking is the best option to install a new composite deck.

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