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Protect Your Bakery from Ants

Owning a business is not easy as an owner you would have to take care of a lot of things. Owning a bakery is especially tough as you need to ensure the quality and freshness of your baked goods.

The biggest issue you might face as a bakery owner is the possibility of pest infestation, especially ant invasion. Luckily there are several ant control agencies that can help you with this. Only by searching “ant control Brisbane/near me” you can acquire the help of a professional to get rid of all the possibilities of ant attacks.

And after you have removed them, here’s how you can keep them at bay:

Getting Rid of Ants

There are several precautions you may take to keep your food so that ants don’t harm it. These critters enjoy bread, sugar, crackers, and other dry things, but they appear to consume almost anything if they so wish. Here are a few strategies for storing food to prevent ants from entering and keeping ants away in general:

Airtight Containers

Ants will be kept out of food by using containers like this. They come in a range of forms and sizes and are constructed of glass and plastic. If you suspect an ant has gotten into a particular sort of food, just keep it in an airtight container and solve the problem.

Everyday Sanitation and Cleaning

Cleaning your store every day is enough to prevent ants after getting treatment from the best ant exterminator. Ensuring that your staff is meticulous about everyday hygiene will assist in minimising the accumulation of ant-attracting residue on worktops, floors, and equipment.

  • Clean the places under the equipment, as well as the areas surrounding the legs and wheels. This includes the edges of stationery (cabinets, countertops).
  • Clean counters thoroughly every day, or more regularly if duties such as slicing fruits and rolling doughs create residue.
  • Disassemble the equipment to properly clean the parts.
  • Daily mop (do not hose if possible).
  • Don’t let dirty dishes pile up in sinks.
  • Remove garbage at least once every day.

Create a daily cleaning checklist and make sure your crew follows it. Every day, a supervisor or department head must double-check that all cleaning and disinfection duties have been accomplished.

Fill in gaps and fissures

Ants may enter via even the slightest holes and fissures. Make sure your team does frequent inspections to search for cracks and holes that might provide ants with an easy route in from the outside.

  • You may need to enlist the assistance of your facilities, maintenance, and engineering departments.
  • Inspect the area where pipes, piping, or other cabling enters the structure.
  • Remember to inspect both low and high – ants will enter through cracks and fissures near the ceiling.

Seal any cracks or crevices using pest-resistant materials, such as silicone caulk.

Repair damages

Cracks, chipped tiles, missing grout, and wobbly baseboards may not appear to be a huge matter, but they may rapidly create a breeding ground for ants and other pests. Even with everyday cleaning, floor problems such as fissures, loose or cracked tiles, and damaged or missing grout provide ideal spaces for food residues and moisture to gather.

Loose baseboards or baseboard covering might also be an issue. They frequently allow tiny food residues and moisture to gather at the floor/wall junction or, worse, to push into wall cavities. Such food and moisture accumulations are perfect pest attractants.

Repair any leaks

Moisture attracts ants in the same way that sweet foods do. The high amount of labour in a bakery might also result in excessive water use. It is critical to keep a check on all piped equipment to ensure that leaks are repaired as soon as possible. Standing water, or water that gathers in a place and sits for an extended period of time, can also be an issue. This can include standing water in or under sinks, condensation from fridge equipment, and other sources.

These are some of the things you can do to prevent ants. Do make sure that you have treated your store before applying these as these are merely prevention methods and won’t help with removing ants. Type and search for local ants pest control brisbane” or “ant treatment brisbane/near me” today to remove ants from your business.

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