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Benefits, methods, benefits and harms of Uttanasana

Uttanasana is a special type of yoga practice. Which is counted as one of the yoga asanas of Surya Namaskar, Uttanasana can be done separately or during the action of Surya Namaskar, in English it is known as “Standing Forward Bend” and its yoga action also has some Similarly, Uttanasana is also one of the earliest yoga asanas. Commonly taught to every new practitioner, Uttanasana is not a complicated yoga pose. It can be easily learned by following general precautions, although it is important to have suitable flexibility in the body, in this asana, mainly the calf, thigh and waist muscles are strengthened, in this article we will talk about it. We will talk about the health benefits and how to practice it etc., as well as we will also know who should and should not do Uttanasana.

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Benefits of Standing Forward bend:

Uttanasana is a beneficial yoga posture and if done according to the right method, it can provide many health benefits. The following are included in the major benefits of Uttanasana –

1. Provides strength to the muscles

Regular practice of Uttanasana strengthens the calf, thigh, back, waist and hip and reduces the pain and other problems in them.

2. To help calm the brain

By performing this yoga asana, you strengthen your body and mind, which aids in fighting negative thoughts and keeping you calm.

3. Reduces physical and mental stress

Uttanasana is a yoga pose that connects your body with the mind and helps in reducing stress of both.

4. To speed up digestion

By doing Uttanasana regularly, the abdominal organs are stimulated, and start working effectively, for people who have dyspepsia problems. Practicing Uttanasana can be very beneficial for them.

5. To keep the intestines healthy

Uttanasana not only improves the stomach and digestion. This prevents problems like constipation and improves intestinal health.

6. To increase the stability of the neck

When Uttanasana is performed properly, the bones in the neck and the muscles around them become stronger, increasing the strength and stability of the neck.

To For Uttanasana to be beneficial, it must be performed according to the right technique. Your health can be adversely affected if you practice this yoga asana without following the proper method.

Steps to do Standing Forward bend:

If you are going to practice Uttanasana for the first time, then you need to know the right way to do it, the correct way to do Uttanasana is as follows –

Step 1 – Stand straight on the mat and place both your hands on your waist or hip bones

Step 2 – After this, bend your elbows slightly and start bending the torso slowly downwards.

Step 3 – While bending, keep the spine straight and bend the body from the upper part of the hip

Step 4 – When you are completely bent your hands will reach the ground or your feet (if not reach then don’t try to do this by force)

Step 5 – After this, take a deep breath in this posture and open your chest completely, which increases the length of your spine.

Step 6 – After this, slowly bring the hands forward and start rising back up.

Step 7 – Your hands will come above the head till you stand upright, bring them down slowly.

Precaution during Standing Forward bend:

If you are going to do this yoga posture for the first time, then do not try to twist the body forcefully during this time. This is because continuous practice brings flexibility in the body, as well as doing stretching exercises and warm-up before starting yoga, you are advised to do Uttanasana with the help of a yoga instructor.

When not to do Uttanasana:

There are some situations. In which yoga postures like Uttanasana should not be done or do it only after taking permission from the doctor. The following health problems are usually associated with them:

  • injury to any part of the body
  • leg, back, stomach, neck, or head pain
  • having heart disease
  • having respiratory disease

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