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7 Best Ways To Style Graphic T-Shirt For Men

Everyone desires to make a lasting impression on others. To achieve this, they must dress in a manner that stands out or silently conveys their personality to passersby. The variety of clothing options in every department makes this task comparatively easier for women. But. a man comparatively has fewer options available for them. At best, men can experiment with the types of T-shirts like men graphic tee shirts they can buy. It is essential that men dress better by making their fashion statement centered around top tee trends since shirts haven’t changed since they were invented. 

We all want to look our best, and it’s a well-known fact that every man looks dapper in a suit, but it’s impossible to wear a suit all the time. That’s where T-shirts help. So, here is a guide using which you can style your graphic tee and make a style statement. 

Ways to Wear Graphic T-Shirts

Below are some of the best ways to style your graphic T-shirt. You can style it in many different ways and get a perfect charming look on any occasion. 

  • Wear the T-shirt Under a Shirt 

Make your graphic tee stand out by wearing it over a shirt. Alternatively, you can wear your favorite graphic T-shirt over your shirt if you aren’t into that look. As the layer effect creates volume, this look is great for extra skinny guys. However, you will appear to have larger arms, waists, and rib cages than you do. Now you can wear all the stylish men’s t-shirts you were afraid you couldn’t pull off without worrying about looking too skinny.

  • Pair the Graphic T-shirt With Camo Pants

Camo pants look great with graphic T-shirts. Because they have elastic hems, they are perfect for summer. Sneakers and socks complete the look. Getting the camo look right may not be as easy as it seems. However, if done right, it can look sartorial. Especially when it comes to camo pants, styling them can be challenging because only certain pieces go well. Getting the perfect look for you takes preparation and planning. However, this classic summer look will never go out of style. 

  • Opt For a Vertical Pant With a Graphic T-shirt

Wear your favorite graphic tee tucked into your trousers. Opt for vertical striped pants if you are short of creating the illusion of length. Also, make sure the hem won’t fall below your ankles. In that case, you can just cuff them. Also, stay away from baggy pants. Vertical pants with a graphic T-shirt give the wearer a little professional and classy look. It is effortless, and you do not have to do much for this look. Just wear a watch, and opt for minimal accessories like bands and rings to complete the look. 

  • Combine it With a Flannel

Wear your graphic tee underneath your flannel shirt. There’s no doubt this will give off a grunge vibe that’s way cooler than lumberjack style. Layer your clothes. You can make an excellent casual outfit move by layering a flannel over a T-shirt. In hot weather, you can tie the shirt around your waist. Flannel shirts with short sleeves are another option for warmer weather. To complete the look, opt for hand bands and glasses. 

  • Go For a Blazer Set With a T-shirt 

This style of wearing a blazer over a graphic tee originated in the 80s but continues to be a style statement that is able to make a statement even today. You must keep all other pieces neat and minimal to let the graphic tee shine in this look. The best way to pair this with dark or black jeans is with all-white sneakers. Also, choose a contrasting or matching blazer that suits you the most. The graphic T-shirt under a blazer enhances a casual look and is great for going on a date. You can also opt for some unique t shirts for mens in order to pair it with the blazer. 

  • Graphic T-shirt With Shorts 

There has always been a trend for wearing graphic tees with shorts. To kill this style, you have to live this style and throw it together without putting too much effort into it. A good start is to stick to simple graphics and pair them with worn-in shorts and well-worn classic skater shoes. Accessorize it with a sporty cap and a hand band. A pair of trendy shades or a piece of jewelry would further dress up this most casual ensemble.

  • Street Wear T-shirt Style

People are embracing vintage, retro vibes of minimal slogan t-shirts from the 70s. It’s important to match the rest of your outfit to the style of your tee. When it comes to vintage tees, they look best when worn with a faded wash or ripped jeans and plain sneakers or Chelsea boots. The addition of layers to this T-shirt will also improve its style. T-shirts with minimal slogans or logos are a simpler option. With a vintage T-shirt, you can ace the street style easily.. 


T-shirts with a printed design are all the rage among men, which is why they fall under the T-shirt design trends. When in doubt, wear a graphic tee that enhances your overall look. Accessorize the look with some bands and complimentary shoes and get the most wanted look of 2022. You should always consider the fabric and the color of the graphic T-shirt you are going to purchase before you decide to buy it. It is important to choose the fabric and color that is most suitable for you. Wear sunglasses that can complement the outfit you are wearing if you want to go for a more sophisticated look when wearing a T-shirt.

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