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A Few Easy and Tested Tips on How to Move Your Plants

“To know how to move your plants and pots to a new location, please read this article now. A great read for budding and mature plant parents”.

If you are going to move sometime soon, then you have landed on the right article. While many bloggers do write about how to move with furry babies and kids, most ignore the topic of how to move with your plants. If you are a plant parent, then your worries are quite understandable. Relocating plants is a very difficult task. While your Los Angeles moving companies will take care of other chores, you need to dig a little deeper into how to move with green babies.

One of the expert tips that I want to suggest to you is that if it is a long-distance relocation, it is better to give away your plants to a close one. You can even donate it to the local nursery or old age home. The reason why I am suggesting you is that plants often die in the hustle and bustle. However, if it is a short distance move or if you are just moving within the city, you can take a few precautions and relocate your plans with you. Let us take a look at your indoor plants.

If you are crossing state or country borders, you need to be sure about what kinds of plants are allowed in the new state or country. You have to also understand how weather and season impact plants. Talk to your affordable movers in Los Angeles. Some plants cannot withstand too much heat or too much cold. Keep this in mind. And as mentioned earlier, a few of them will not survive long-distance transportation.

How to prepare your plants:

If you are thinking of preparing your plants for relocation, here are some tips. Make sure you hire moving and storage in Los Angeles that understands the importance of relocating your plants along with you. Some people are attached to the greenery that they have grown by themselves. Make sure you give your plants good food a few weeks before the move. This would provide them with extra strength to bear the relocation.

Make sure you remove the dead leaves or branches at least a week before the move. Repot the plants into plastic pots if you think that the pots might break or are too heavy to carry. Water your plants before the relocation but make sure you don’t overwater the same. If you are moving in your car, it makes sense to hang up the hanging plants from hooks or rope.

You can easily find how to do that on YouTube or other websites. Wrap your plants for relocation if you are moving to cold weather. However, having said that, my suggestion would be to give it to a nursery. If you want to protect the limbs and provide that extra layer of protection, wrap your plants properly.

So these are a few tips and tricks if you want to relocate your plants. You need to know the law. Giving them the right amount of water and protection is also very important. Not all plant parents are successful when they relocate their plans. Moving house plants depends a lot on the state’s laws and the growing conditions. As long as any of the best and affordable moving companies in Los Angeles take care of other chores, you take care of this episode.

Look up regulations well in advance. Keep a cutting of your house plants so that you can grow your favorite greens at the new house. To know more, talk to professional movers in LA. 

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Author Bio: Mia is a blogger on professional office movers or affordable movers in LA. To choose the best and affordable Los Angeles moving companies for moving and storage, read her blogs.

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