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4 Best Fabrics For Custom Sports Hoodies

Custom Sports Hoodies

When shopping for custom sports hoodies, you can’t go wrong with fleece or cotton. But what about french terry? French terry is the favorite choice of the hoody set, but it’s also an expensive fabric. Here are the pros and cons of these fabrics. The best fabric for hoodies depends on the desired fit, weight, and durability. But no matter what you choose, the hoodie is sure to become an essential wardrobe item.


While the most popular fabric for hoodies is cotton, synthetic fibers like polyester are also suitable. While these fabrics are cheaper and great for mass production, cotton is better for warmth and comfort. Also, cotton breathes well against the skin and is a natural fiber. Both cotton and polyester fabrics are durable. Nylon is another popular choice for hoodies, as it is lightweight and durable. However, it does not breathe as well as cotton.

When choosing the fabric, you should keep in mind your needs. Cotton is the best fabric if you’re buying a hoodie for your baby or yourself. Synthetic materials like polyester and viscose can cause overheating or skin irritation, and cotton will regulate body temperature better. However, synthetic materials can also cause allergic reactions. Cotton is perfect for hoodies as it is comfortable and breathable.

Another good option is bamboo jersey. Bamboo jersey has a stretchy fabric and can be used for hoodies. It is available in double knit, interlock twist, and double knit fabrics. It also offers the benefit of being durable and soft to the skin. Bamboo jersey and rayon blend fabrics also make a great choice for hoodies. But keep in mind that bamboo jersey does not have the same stretch as cotton and polyester.

Cotton jersey knit is easy to find, but it may not be the most durable fabric for hoodies. It is used in the custom baby hoodie because of its lightweight. Fortunately, cotton jersey fabric is cheap and easy to care for. It will last a long time in the closet. You can also buy hoodies made from this fabric at fabric outlets. The only downfall to cotton is that it tends to shrink in the wash, so you will have to wash them several times. But with all that said, cotton is the best fabric for hoodies.

The number of yards needed for a hoodie depends on the style of the garment. For instance, a large-sized hoodie will require more fabric than a small-sized one. If you choose a patterned fabric, you should consider this because patterned fabrics will require matching. Also, consider the number of pockets, seam allowances, collars, and waistbands. If you’re planning on making a hoodie for a family member or a friend, you will likely need to purchase an extra yard or two.


Fleece is an excellent choice for hoodies because it retains heat well, is easy to care for, and will last for a long time in your closet. Choose a loose-weave fleece to stay warm or a tight-weave fleece to keep cool when the temperature rises. Fleece resembles wool and is typically made from polyester or recycled plastic. It is also breathable and waterproof. It is the best choice for a custom hockey hoodie or custom football hoodie.

If you want to look good in your hoodie or sweatshirt, look for a soft, cozy fleece fabric. Fleece fabric is not tightly woven, so there are tiny air pockets between the fibers. This traps heat and is also extremely breathable. Fleece is super-absorbent and can withstand a small amount of water without feeling weighed down. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly fleece options that do not impact the environment. Many are made from recycled plastic that has been turned into polyester, and some are even made with natural fibers.

While polyester is one of the most common fabrics used for hoodies, cotton-poly blends can also be used to make a great hoodie. Both fabrics are durable and comfortable, but polyester is not breathable like cotton. It is also not the best option for hoodies intended for physical activity. So, how do you choose the best fleece fabric for hoodies? Read on to learn more!

Cotton is a great choice for hoodies because it is lightweight and easy to wash and dry quickly. Moreover, it is easy to find. A yard of cotton will be between $3 and $15. Cotton-based sweatshirt materials are a good choice for hoodies, as they are more durable and washable. The best fleece fabric for hoodies will last for many years, so consider this when choosing a piece of fabric for your next hoodie.

If you have a budget, you can always choose polyester. It is a cheaper material than cotton and is available in most fabric stores. It is also available at most fabric stores, although polyester might not be the best choice for hoodies. However, if you plan to wear the hoodie more than a couple of times, you should avoid polyester. This material does not stretch as well as cotton, so choose your fabric with caution. Fleece is the best choice for all the sports hoodies like custom basketball hoodies and custom baseball hoodies.

French Terry

If you’re searching for a new hoodie, you should consider investing in a French terry one. While it doesn’t wick moisture like other types of cotton, it provides a good breathability level. This material is also perfect for layering since its lightweight nature allows it to be worn under other clothing. While this fabric may not be the most breathable, it is great for insulating your body.

A sweatshirt or jogger made of French terry fabric is typically more breathable than fleece. Unlike sweatshirt fleece, French terry has a more open weave. This makes it ideal for layering and keeps you cool during warmer months. It’s also a good choice for mid-winter naps, as the loose weave prevents the fabric from absorbing excessive amounts of heat. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s better to go with a hoodie fleece instead.

Choose a material with the right amount of stretch. French terry is an ideal choice for cold weather, as it will keep you warm and comfortable while being soft to the touch. Purchasing a medium-sized hoodie with 2 7/8 yards of material is ideal. When shopping for fabric, this material can shrink a little when washed, so keep that in mind. However, it will keep its shape and last a long time.

French terry is also known as loopback cotton and is woven but has a flat face and loops under the material. These loops absorb moisture and sweat, and it is often made of 100% cotton. Some manufacturers also mix this material with elastane to give it a bit more stretch. It isn’t as easy to find, and as a result, it is more expensive than many other types of cotton.

Another great reason to invest in a French terry hoodie is its versatility. The material is ideal for loungewear, workout clothes, and everyday use. French terry is lightweight compared to fleece but warmer than a typical t-shirt. It’s perfect for hot summer and cool winter days, making it an excellent option for any outdoor activity or casual wear. Its plush texture and breathability make it an excellent choice for hoodies and sweatshirts.


A hoodie is an excellent layering piece for colder weather. While cotton-based jerseys tend to stretch and shrink, polyester-based Trinda is more stable. It is used to make custom sports hoodies as per the client’s choice. Despite their great durability, jersey fabric is not particularly good at holding structures, making them more suited for a relaxed silhouette. A piece of good fabric for a hoodie is French terry, which is soft, lightweight, and characterized by a softer pile on one side.

The yardage needed for a hoodie depends on several factors, including the size and style of the garment. In addition to the size, the patterning will influence the amount of fabric needed. Large patterns require more fabric than those with small repeats. Extra fabric is needed for pocket openings, seam allowances, collars, and waistbands. In addition to these factors, you should always plan for the hoodie’s size and style.

Unlike cotton, hoodies can be made from synthetic fibers as well. These are generally cheaper but not as comfortable. Besides being less comfortable, they can also be prone to snags. The fabric is more likely to pill or fade if repeatedly washed. For example, a hoodie made of polyester and nylon should not be prone to frequent washing. It must be durable enough to last through the cold winter months.

The right type of fabric for a hoodie is essential for the look and feel of the finished product. Cotton-based sweatshirt knit, also known as sweatshirt fleece, is the best choice for a hoodie. It is both smooth and super-soft inside. Cotton-based sweatshirt knits used to be 100% cotton, but now most are a blend of cotton and polyester. Wool fabric is durable and breathable, and it can keep you warm when worn for long periods.

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