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What Are The Rules Around Private Number Plates?

Private Number Plates

The issue with residing in the contemporary age is that there aren’t that many opportunities to make you stand out. You could find yourself having to deal with that at the moment, and the main reason why that would be the situation is that you’d essentially just eventually wind up becoming just another speck of sand on a beach where there are an endless number of them. Even though it might not affect your day-to-day activities, it may be upsetting to find yourself lacking in distinctiveness and originality.

Given that this is the situation, it’d be ideal if you began looking for some exclusive licence plates like 3d legal number plates which no one else will ever be able to acquire. The capability to differentiate yourself in aspects that other folks would genuinely be jealous of is just one of the many benefits of private number plates, but suffice it to mention that there are some regulations concerning these plates that you are required to obey and abide by as purely as you can.

One of these rules states that private licence plates cannot be used for marketing. If you had been wishing to engage in some casual conversations with customers as a result of buying a plate like this, you have been deeply mistaken. If you try to do this, you could get penalised, so be careful to stay out of trouble with the legislation.

How Is A Licence Plate Made?

By selecting the characters and numbers which best match your search query; experts are doing the legwork for you. In essence, there are 4 distinct plate kinds in the UK:


This template is used for all types of car number plates enrolled after 2001. Seven characters make up the number, with the first two identifying the area in which the car was enrolled, the car’s age (e.g., 54 = 2004), and three unrelated letters.

As in AP13 XBU


Before 1963, this kind of licence plate has been in use. Any mixture of up to 4 numbers, as well as 3 letters, may be used for these. A car’s age cannot be determined by anything, making them very valuable.

Instance: 2 XVA


This was in use from 1963 to 1983. The letters on the registration plates all began with the letter A, as well as the final letter indicating the year of the car—A being 1963. 1964 is the year B, etc.

Instance: AFD 321C


Between 1983 and 2001, this one was used throughout the UK. The car’s age was noted by the first letter; for instance, C was 1985.

Instance: C309 YGA

Do I Need To Keep My Old Licence Plate?

If your current number plate is simply a regular one, paying to keep it may be a waste of money. You should keep the current registration plate if it is a personal one.

Is There An Annual Fee For A Personalised Number Plate?

Unexpectedly, the response is Not much. Private number plates are merely facades; they are not truly unique. In contrast to what some people believe, when something is enrolled on a car, it becomes the owner of that car. As long as the personal number plate appears on the car, there aren’t any yearly fees to pay.

What Regulations Apply To Private Licence Plates?

A personalised licence plate has to:

  • Be constructed of reflective materials.
  • Showcase on the front plate white text with black font.
  • On the rear plate, print yellow text with black font.
  • Not have a trend in the background.
  • Do not change the font size or spacing.
  • Do not try to hide the age of your vehicle.

Is It Possible To Switch Private Licence Plates?

In essence, it implies that while you are allowed to add an individualised registration number to your car, you are prohibited from doing the same with the original plate on another car.

Does Having A Private Licence Plate Raise Your Insurance Costs?

No. You must legally showcase an enrolment mark on your car. Your insurer shouldn’t raise your rate because a private registration number is regarded as a vehicle adjustment.

Will the DVLA Purchase Back Private Licence Plates?

No, you cannot resell your private licence plate to the DVLA. The DVLA only offers brand-new registration plates for sale. A car’s previously issued registrations won’t be purchased back.

Can The DVLA Remove My Licence Plate?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a policy that says that if the same car and enrolled owner are pulled over repeatedly for having a number plate that’s not legal, the registration must be cancelled and the driver must be given a new, spontaneous plate.

What Occurs When A Private Licence Plate Is Taken Off?

It is frequently the case that the initial authorization the car possessed will be returned to it if the plate you are trying to remove is private.

How Long Is It Possible To Keep A Private Licence Plate?

How the private number is handled? You continue to have the legal authority to assign the personal number for the following 10 years, according to your V778 retention file. Before the V778 ends, you must restore your authorization to use a personal number.

Final Words

Keep in mind that you need to let your insurer know if you decide to buy a personal private number plates.

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