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What Should I Check Before Possession Of A New Flat?

New Flat

Finding a dream house to live in is a tiring task. You go through lots of research, finalize the list of flats, visit each flat one by one, understand everything about it and tally their rates according to your budget. After doing all this, you need to select one flat from all the premium apartments, where you are about to live your life with your family and new Neighbors.

You don’t want any more hassle, and for that Top Property Developer in Ahmedabad, D & C, make sure that you are very comfortable in all aspects. They will also help you with property lease, legal assistance, transparency in deals, and property resale assistance. Yes, there are so many things you need to take care of before the possession of your flat.

List of things you should check before getting possession.

  1. Wall Painting and Cracks

A Builder can claim that they have done their promised job, like wall painting, and cracks in your house. When your house gets painted for the first time, there are chances that cracks will appear. Check all the cracks and paint in the house, make sure they are resolved, and then sign the paper.

  1. Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

Check all your windows and doors are installed properly. Every window is shutting and opening smoothly, doors are getting locked properly, and nothing is damaged. Sometimes French window locks get broken with extra force, and they need to be of good quality for the long run. Check the quality of wood and metal used for making doors and windows.

  1. Pipe Fittings

The hidden issue of a house is pipe fittings. Make sure to check all the taps and pipe connections in your 3 BHK Apartment. Run water from all the taps, check bathroom flushes and jets, the water force is good. You can move to the next check, if all these things are in place,

  1. Electric ConnectionElectric Connection

The most commonly used things in the house are lights, fans, heating devices, AC, and plugs. These all are connected through a web of wires inside walls covered with pipes. While constructing a building, electrical experts provide connections in every part of the building. They know every wire in that building. So it is better to use their service rather than calling any other electrical service person and hassle.

  1. Amenities

Check all the amenities promised in the plan before signing papers. Parking spaces, common garden, Sitting area, Gym, Kids play area, lighting in the society, lift service, Cleaning service, gas and water pipeline, and many other things. In bog buildings the main issue mostly arises from parking spaces, cleaning, and lift service. Understand parking space a lot, make sure lifts have power back up, the solar system is installed on the terrace, and Sweepers are hired for building and lift cleaning.

These are the basic things but are essential for living in Premium apartments. There is regular maintenance of the building in every department. Best Property Developer in Ahmedabad, D & C, are providing all the required services to make sure that your flat becomes a happy house. They will take care of building and unit maintenance for two years after the completion of the project to create the habit of cleanliness, hygiene, and plantation in the society.

  1. Drainage Outlets

Check all the drainage outlets of the building and your house. In case of water damage, water must quickly go through the drain without stacking in corners of the house or bathroom. Make sure the floor is sliding in the direction of drainage outlets.

  1. Building Plan Approval

Check with all the sources that the building plan is approved legally. There are many cases that have arisen in recent times where the plan approved was for seven floors, but the builder constructed 10-floor buildings. In such cases, you not only suffer the loss but also your comfort space for which you put effort. It is necessary to be aware of such a situation before it can arrive.

  1. Check Room Size

When you see lots of flats, you only believe what the builder is saying or given in the brochure. Check the size of every room and bathroom to confirm the promised sizes. Building rates are decided according to per square foot. If your house size is less than the told measurement, you are giving more for less and breaking trust.

  1. Security Service In Building

Get a basic understanding of security services, which are going to be there in your society. Do a background check of security agencies. Check all the installed cameras in lifts, buildings, and parking lots. Make sure every camera is working properly with the data storage system for all the recordings. In every new society, it is necessary to establish a good security system for the safety and management of residents. If you are buying a 4 BHK flat with average security service, no matter how splendid your house is, you will not feel secure and comfortable with an average security system.

  1. Registration and Paperwork

Done with all the basic needs, amenities, fittings, connections, and other things! Here is the legal paperwork. Read the whole paper to understand the legalities, services, policies, terms, and conditions, before signing it. Check if all the payments are happening transparently, and keep calculating every penny you paid them. Once you get the legal and registration paper in your hand, you are good to sign the paper for the possession of your flat.

Final Words

With all these lists checked, you are ready to sign the legal papers for the possession of your flat. Now it is up to you to maintain, and make your premium apartments more beautiful and happen with the celebration of the festival, gatherings, meetings, events, maintenance, and many other things to make all the flats into one home.

D and C Developers have come up with the best residential schemes in the prime locations of Ahmedabad. Meghdhanush and FLH (Feel like home) are their most in-demand 2BHK and 3 BHK residential schemes.

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