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How To Differentiate Preschool with Nursery School?

Preschool Malaysia and nursery school are often used interchangeably for child care. Institutions may not disclose parents the difference to secure their business. Let’s compare preschool vs. nursery school if you’re puzzled.


Before that, I took a quick walk to let you know what Preschool is..


According to wikipedia, A preschool, also known as nursery school, pre-primary school, or play school or creche, is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. It may be publicly or privately operated, and may be subsidized from public funds.


Nursery and Preschool Similarities


Preschools and nursery schools serve older children. School-specific admission age. Some preschools and nurseries require toilet-trained toddlers, but others allow 18-month-olds with good language abilities and no parental worry. Public or private organisations run nurseries and pre-schools. They have comparable immunisation and sickness rules.


Differentiating nursery schools


Some nurseries accept 6-week-olds. These children usually stay at the nursery school and advance to preschool. Some nurseries offer after-school care for school-aged children.


They’re open virtually all day for full-time working parents. Preschools may only serve lunch and an afternoon snack, whereas nursery schools may serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Nursery schools accept part-time or full-time care. Some take “drop-in” patients.


The lack of structured curriculum makes it easy to identify childcare schools that match your views and ideals.


The UK’s Office for Standards in Education registers nursery schools. Oakleigh House School is a state-registered childcare in Swansea.


Preschool Differences


Preschool Malaysia accept kids before school. Rarely would a “preschool” accept children under three, and few offer educational programmes or after-school care for school-aged children. If a preschool has a private nursery, it’s usually in a different facility.


Preschools follow a curriculum, taking their name seriously. A specific percentage of preschool employees must be ECE-certified. Preschool costs more as a result.


Many preschools operate from 8 AM to 2 PM, like schools. A nursery school can provide 7 AM to 7 PM care.


Which Alternative Is The Best?

It can be difficult to decide whether to enrol your child in preschool or nursery. However, it’s crucial to select the choice that best meets your needs.

1. Take into account your daycare needs


Preschool might work for you if you have a flexible schedule and don’t need child care while you work. The nursery, on the other hand, will be a preferable choice if you require long-term care for your child.


2. Keep your child’s needs in mind


Nobody knows your child like you do. Do they require a customised environment, or might they function in a more structured, school atmosphere?


Preschools and schools can occasionally work together. Parents frequently believe that enrolling their child in preschool will help them get into a particular school.


However, enrolling your child in preschool does not increase their likelihood of acceptance. This shouldn’t affect your selection because the Local Authority makes the decision about who enters the reception year, not the school.




Preschools and nursery schools take children aged 3 to 5; nursery schools accept younger and older youngsters. Preschool  Malaysia with rigorous curriculums and skilled teachers are more expensive. Nursery schools are cheaper, have more programming, and have a more casual environment.


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