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What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest evolution of Microsoft’s cloud-based business platform that helps organisations rapidly innovate, simplify, and grow. Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes four applications that align with common needs of businesses – CRM, ERP (Financials), Marketing, Operations. All in one solution with a straightforward pricing model. No matter what size your business is or what industry you are in we have a solution for you to automate and integrate key functions from across your organisation to help achieve your goals faster.

microsoft dynamics 365

How to use Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

First of all you need to create a free account.

Then you can start creating your organisation. To integrate your business processes, microsoft dynamics 365 includes four applications:

1) Sales – sales and microsoft dynamics 365 marketing automation to help financial performance;

2) Service – helps organisations better serve their customers through increased visibility into service requests and lower costs by automating workflows;

3) Project Management – helps you drive project success by connecting the project team with one workflow engine; and, 4) Field Service – delivers magic for field service businesses with an easy/simple way to track time, assets, and jobs.

Once you have got your account you can access the ‘Organisation’ tab. You will see three options to create an organisation.

1) Import from CSV

2) Start from scratch: To start with a blank canvas it will give you the option to create a new business entity. Here you can configure business characteristics such as entity type, legal name, language, currency and time zone.

3) Import from Outlook: To import data from email clients such as outlook 2013 or outlook 2016. Also, it is possible microsoft dynamics 365  to create an organization directly from account details in outlook.

4) Import from Excel: It’ll let you import data which was saved in excel including contact list and emails. It also provides an option to set up an internet mailbox which will allow users to access their data through a web browser as well.

Once you have created your organisation you can start importing data into the system to get started.

Features of microsoft dynamics 365: 

1) Sales and Service – Help manage your sales and service.

2) Project Management – Manage your projects from start to finish.

3) Field Service – Work smarter with field service capabilities.

4) Connected Calendar – Connects all your calendar events in one place.

5) CRM, Financials, and Marketing Automation – Stick to one integrated tool for customer relationship management (CRM), business financials and marketing automation. 

6) Social Media Integration as well as Microsoft Office 365 Integration – Integrate social media platforms for a better customer experience and a more personalised approach to promoting events, products and services.

Final Verdict: 

MD 365 is a great platform for those who want to get the most out of their business. It is available in various languages, microsoft dynamics 365 and it allows you to customize your settings and make it work for you. It will help in better managing your company as well as any personal life that you might have. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a reliable option for all those who want to improve the way they manage their firm. The topic gives the features of MD 365

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