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Western countries will ban sea transportation of Russian oil. With one condition

Washington has officially confirmed the intention of the West to impose a ceiling on oil prices from the Russian Federation. These measures are expected to come into effect on December 5, 2022. After this date, it will be possible to purchase Russian raw materials at “the ceiling price set by the coalition, or at a price below that.” Read more in the article “Gazety.Ru”.
The US Treasury Department claims that Western countries are planning to achieve a cap on Russian oil prices from December 5 this year. This follows from the preliminary decisions published by the Office, which are designed to lead to the establishment of a price ceiling.

What was included in the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia
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03 June 17:33
Thus, the authenticity of information previously published in the media about the desire of the United States and the European Union to limit the price of oil from Russia has been officially confirmed, TASS notes .

“As part of a coalition of countries including G7 members and the EU, the United States will begin implementing a policy that relates to a wide range of services related to the sea transportation of crude oil produced in the Russian Federation, as well as products of its processing.

This ban will come into force on December 5, 2022 for the sea transportation of crude oil and on February 5, 2023 for the sea transportation of petroleum products,” the document says.

At the same time, it will be possible to purchase these energy resources even after the designated dates, but at the “limit price set by the coalition, or at a price lower than that,” the US Treasury explained.

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Among the goals of these measures, the department listed “ensuring a reliable volume of supply of Russian oil transported by sea on the global market, limiting pressure pushing up energy prices and reducing Russia’s oil revenues.”

How will the price ceiling be set?
According to Washington, the ceiling for oil prices from the Russian Federation will be able to jointly determine the countries that agree to join the coalition to establish these limits. In this case, the final decision will be made by consensus.

US Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo explained that the ceiling regime for oil from the Russian Federation also implies liability for companies that hide the origin and price of purchased oil.

Tankers with Russian oil are increasingly “disappearing” from the radar. Bloomberg has its own version
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June 23 17:41
The American embargo on the purchase of Russian oil will remain in force after the introduction of a ceiling on oil prices from the Russian Federation.

Recall that the G7 finance ministers announced their intention to introduce a ceiling on Russian oil prices on September 2, proposing the creation of a “broad international coalition.”

Back at the beginning of last summer , the EU Council adopted the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, including a postponed embargo on maritime supplies of oil and oil products from Russia. As reported in June, the ban on supplies of crude oil has been postponed for six months, for petroleum products – for eight months from the date of the introduction of restrictions.

The partial embargo includes temporary exemptions for Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Oil supplies via the pipeline were removed from the embargo, providing a number of benefits for sea supplies to individual countries and waiving the ban on oil transportation from Russia by tankers under the flags of the EU countries.

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