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Top 5 Tips To Identify Problems In Your Air Compressor System

The Top 5 Tips For Identifying Air Compressor Problems

An air compressor is a complex machine. A lot of things go inside its machine. As a result, the device has multiple uses for consumers, professionals, and industrial workers.

Based on its uses, an air compressor can be classified into the following three categories:

Industrial-grade Air Compressors 

These types of machines are installed at manufacturing plants or oil rigs. The machine provides a constant compressed air flow for several hours per needs and requirements. Power generation systems in commercial establishments require such industrial air compressors to improve their energy efficiency and performance.

Consumer-grade Air Compressors

These machines are used to inflate tires and other products that require air. You can even inflate tools like staplers and brad guns using these compressors.

Professional-grade Air Compressors

Professional air compressors may come in the form of either a two-stage reciprocating model or a simple rotary screw model. The machine is extremely helpful in running several air tools simultaneously.  Whenever the level of compression goes down, the machine starts behaving erratically. So you need to get the problem immediately troubleshot by an air compressor service firm.

Here are some subtle indications that your air compression system requires maintenance or repairs:

Constant Noise When in Use If your machine produces loud sound constantly, it means the machine requires some repairing work. High noise can arise because of any error in its belt, flywheel, pulley, or cooler. Get these spare parts tightened and add enough oil to its crankcase.

Air Is Coming Out from The Inlet Valve  :

Whenever you notice that the air is blowing out of the inlet valve, it could mean damage to the inlet valve. In such a case, you need to check the auto drain valve for the air compressor and replace the old valve assembly. Lack of Sufficient Air Pressure If there is any leak in the compressor system, there won’t be enough pressure. Check the hose or piping to make sure everything is in order. For simple mechanical faults, replacing the air filter will be enough.

The Problem In Belt Wear :

If the pulley is out of alignment, you may face the problem of excessive belt wear. You have to call a professional air compressor repair agency for help. Getting the pulley aligned with the flywheel can make your compressor work efficiently as before. Based on the severity of the problem, professionals can adjust the belt properly.  Continuous Fuses If the fuse button in the machine gets blown up recurringly, it can indicate a significant problem with the fuses. Therefore, the fuse you install in the machine should be of proper ampere and rating. Whenever there’s any problem of low voltage or mechanical fault in the valve, you have to get the valve replaced.

The Following Some Benefits of an Air Receiver Tank

  1. Air Receiver Tank has a higher air flow rate
  2. They can hold more air which helps to reduce energy consumption
  3. These Tanks are less noisy and create less noise.
  4. It is easier to maintain than normal tanks, which makes the service life longer of the same equipment. The maintenance costs are also lower. For example, it does not require as much maintenance on spikes or leaky fittings as a normal tank.
  5. You can use them in heavy-duty applications where it has to provide higher pressure.
  6. It can be mounted on different types of equipment to change the gauge size to fulfill the customer’s needs. It is a cost-effective option as well.


Choosing the right air compressor services provider for your business is a crucial decision for the long-term viability of your business. Kaishan Compressors Australia has been in business for a long and is proven to deliver excellent customer service.

In Conclusion, You need to act fast and get your complex air compressor system troubleshot and inspected by an expert. A professional will also do maintenance work to ensure the device won’t reencounter the same mechanical errors.

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