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The Ultimate Revelation Of NextGen Meditouch EHR!

The Ultimate Revelation of Nextgen Meditouch EHR has been revealed! Read on to discover the advantages of this Web-based EHR. Discover how the system will make your job easier: drop-down menus, MIPS/MACRA dashboard, and more! You’ll be surprised at the features this EHR has to offer! It’s not just a good looking website with plenty of features.

Web-based platform

NextGen’s Web-based platform gives providers a comprehensive solution for capturing patient data. The platform features clickable tabs for each patient’s health information, highlighting all pertinent health concerns in green. NextGen also features a user-friendly interface that lets users attach images to notes and draw on them to highlight health issues. Physicians can also attach documents to patient records for future review. The NextGen EHR offers a comprehensive CPT/ICD-10 coding library and allows users to save their frequently used codes for future appointments.

The company’s offerings are designed for ambulatory care practices of all sizes. They also cater to large practices. MediTouch EHR/PM was originally founded in 1998 by two California family physicians. The company’s current focus is connected platform and population health. The company traces its roots to MediTouch, a California-based EMR that was acquired by NextGen Healthcare in 2016.

Drop-down menus

A physician’s work is often simplified by the use of drop-down menus, and NextGen is no different. This EHR is simple to navigate, and the pre-intake form that a patient submits in the patient portal populates the patient chart. Here are three tips for making the most of NextGen’s drop-down menus.

NextGen’s user interface is easy to use and intuitive. There’s a slight learning curve, but with the guidance of a knowledgeable NextGen representative, users can learn the system in time for their go-live date. NextGen is easy to navigate through, with tabs that include drop-down menus. Its versatility means that any physician can customize its settings to fit their practice’s needs.

Automated appointment reminders

Using automated appointment reminders in Nextgen Meditouch EMR can make your life as a physician easier. Not only will NextGen send you reminders to remind you of an appointment, but it will also check your patient’s insurance information and send you a note letting you know if the patient has missed their appointment. NextGen also keeps track of patient information, including their insurance and prescription history, so you can ensure they receive the right care on time.

The NextGen Meditouch EHR is a cloud-based system that allows you to customize its features to fit your practice’s needs. In addition to providing a centralized location for patient information, the software also includes an interactive portal for patients and physicians, an integrated appointment reminder, and ePrescribe capabilities. Another feature that helps you stay connected with your patients is NextGen’s Patient Portal, which lets you send electronic faxes to other medical facilities and patients.

MIPS/MACRA dashboard

The MACRA dashboard of Nextgen Meditouch EHR allows clinicians to easily track performance and monitor progress toward quality goals. It has enhanced patient portal modules such as scheduling appointments, e-visits, and online payments in addition to the standard patient portal. The NextGen Office MACRA dashboard also meets MIPS requirements and offers features to help practice staff complete SOAP notes and chart from anywhere, at any time.

The MIPS/MACRA dashboard of Nextgen lets physicians track their performance with easy-to-understand graphs. The NextGen interface allows providers to add and remove patients, and update their contact information with a click of a button. It also tracks changes to appointments and patients. NextGen also allows physicians to set reminders to ensure patients keep appointments. If a patient cancels or reschedules an appointment, NextGen’s scheduling tool automatically notifies them.

Reporting tools

NextGen has a range of powerful reporting tools for doctors, nurses, and other staff. It can generate reports in CSV format, and offers a comprehensive ICD-10 and CPT coding library. NextGen allows physicians to save frequently used codes and access them on future appointments. NextGen also allows physicians to customize the notes they write, and provides easy-to-understand visuals for each section. You can find other best EHR Software to know which one is best for your practice.

Moreover, NextGen EHR allows physicians to communicate with patients via electronic fax, video chat, and reminders. This feature is particularly useful for physicians, because it helps them save time and energy by reducing the number of no-shows and increasing the quality of patient care. Moreover, NextGen is compatible with all modern browsers, so users can access the system from anywhere. Besides, the software also lets doctors access the EHR on mobile devices, and it is fully HIPAA-compliant.

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