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Reduce Bloating, The Way of Ayurveda

Gas is a common occurrence for every one of us. Yet, we’re embarrassed to mention it when we have conversations with health professionals and acquaintances. 10 20 or 20% of people are suffering from digestive issues like gas or belching. It is good to know that gas and bloating do not necessarily mean that there is an issue with digestion. But, the most important area to address to lessen gas and shame is eating habits.

We will show our readers how you can reduce bloating, by following the Ayurvedic Way.

How do I know what is Bloating?

Bloating can be described as a feeling of fullness or tightness in the abdomen, which is often associated with abdominal pain. Gas in the intestines is the primary reason for the feeling of bloating. According to Ayurveda good digestion is crucial to maintaining overall health and wellbeing. The occasional bloating can be quite common, but persistent gas and bloating are indicators of poor digestion and the need for more medical attention.

What causes Bloating?

Bloating is a complex issue that is caused by one of several sources. Food intolerances, especially dairy and gluten are the most frequent reason for bloating.

However, you could be tolerant of nearly everything you consume. Other potential intolerances could be the following:

  • Beans
  • Vegetables, like lentils, cabbage, cauliflower, and more
  • Fruits like Apricots and prunes
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Products that contain lactose
  • Foods that contain sorbitol such as sugar-free sweets

Bloating may also be caused by eating fast or drinking from straws. Both of these could cause you to breathe in more air after eating. This air is then absorbed by your stomach, which causes bloating.

The condition can also be caused due to a large food intake. Your stomach is typically about the size of a fist. After a big meal or dinner, it expands in order to make space for food. You might feel filled and bloated for only an indefinite time after your stomach has broken down the food.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Bloating

Vata can be aggravated through a myriad of circumstances. Bloating and detention (Adhmana) is an indications of a Vata imbalance. Poor eating habits and stress, sleep disturbances and failure to follow an appropriate schedule for the day or during the season and forced suppression of natural cravings may all contribute to the increase in Vata dosha.

Bloating can be caused by vitiation of gas as well as feces, caused by an aggravated Vata (Adhmana). Samana Vata vitiation can disrupt the functions of the stomach and intestines which results in an inability to digest food, bloating, and the production of gas. Panchakarma therapies in Jaipur provide natural remedies to combat gas production within the intestines.

Ayurveda Treatments to help with Bloating

Panchakarma therapy is generally considered to be the first-line treatment offered by The Ayurveda Hospital in Jaipur  Since it is an effective cleansing treatment with promising results for those suffering from bloating as well. The herbal Paste massage (Udwartana) Steam baths made from herbs (Swedana) Classic massage with no oil and using pressure (Mardanam) as well as various types of Suppositories (Varti) as well as enemas as well as intake of food like soups, appetizers, and other foods that stimulate metabolism (Deepana) to aid digestion (Pachana) as well as have an anti-carminative effect (Vata-Anulomana) are all recommended. The above recommendations are employed depending on how severe the problem is.

Vamana (medicated vomiting): In rare instances, moderate Vamana is followed by the correct Deepana may be administered to rid the body of biotoxins.

Snehana as well as Swedana Application of warm Vata-balancing oils, and a steam bath assists in the flow of gas as well as the relaxation of the stomach.

Medical Enema (Vasti): For those who experience severe constipation or discomfort, Aasthapana Basti (medicated decoction enema) is recommended for fast relief. It assists in removing gas and feces.

Herbal Paste to create similar effects you can apply a paste made of Hing, Triphala, or Trikatu as an alternative. Ajamoda along with Takra and warm water could be utilized. Warm Hindu water

In conclusion, bloating and flatulence are not something to be embarrassed about and ought to be treated at the appropriate time to ensure that the damage is minimized. Learn how to get more information regarding Ayurvedic treatment options by enrolling in Ayurveda certification on the internet through The Treatment of Ayurveda & Panchakarma for more details.

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