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The AthenaOne App Makes it Easier for Providers to Manage Patients’ Records

The athenaOne app makes it easier for providers to manage patients’ records. With a simple interface, it helps them manage patient engagement and revenue cycle management, while also allowing them to access their patient health records on mobile devices. The app also offers real-time access to lab results, which automatically uploads to patient charts. In addition, the athenahealth team constantly monitors changes in the healthcare environment, making changes as necessary to stay current with trends and ensure compliance.

Clinical inbox

The clinical inbox on the athenaOne app helps physicians manage their workflow more efficiently and quickly. It allows physicians to access patient charts, order lab tests, and complete urgent tasks. It also integrates seamlessly with athenaClinicals EMR software and provides real-time updates. Physicians can review patient charts within seconds, without the hassle of going to the office. Moreover, athenaOne’s mobile capabilities help physicians manage patient care tasks wherever they are.

In an interview with Healthcare IT News, Athenahealth CEO Sweeney-Platt emphasized the importance of resilience in a health system and the benefits of actionable insights at point of care. She explained how the company aims to make EHR experiences more enjoyable for physicians.

The app also includes a HIPAA-compliant messaging feature that enables patients to communicate with office staff, pay overdue bills, and schedule appointments. It also automates patient outreach campaigns. Patients can also find out whether they need a vaccine, or what medications they need. Additionally, it can be customized to showcase the practice’s logo. Positive patient engagement helps improve patient satisfaction and retention.

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Revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management is an important aspect of athenaOne’s app. The company’s revenue cycle management solution, athenaCollector, offers financial reporting and practice management capabilities to help medical practices run more efficiently. In addition to its powerful billing software, athenaOne offers fast medical coding support from HIPAA-compliant coding specialists. Additionally, athenaOne integrates with the athenaCommunicator, a suite of patient engagement tools. These tools include a patient portal, live operator service, and lab results.

AthenaOne is a good option for small and medium-sized medical practices. The company listens to its customers’ feedback, and focuses on helping practices grow their revenue. The company also emphasizes the fact that its software requires no software licenses and doesn’t require disruptive upgrades.

The athenahealth app enables users to automate documentation workflows and reduce administration time. It also streamlines patient information and optimizes appointment density. It also collects payment from patients at the time of service. This can also verify patient eligibility, and automates reminders.

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Patient engagement

The AthenaOne patient engagement app helps medical practices improve patient engagement by offering HIPAA-compliant messaging and appointment reminders. It can also automate patient outreach campaigns. For example, it can recognize patients who need to be seen quickly for an emergency. It can also be customized to include your practice logo. As an added bonus, it’s easy to get started and use.

The AthenaOne patient engagement app is a secure extension of athenaNet clinical workflows. To use it, users must log in with athenaNet credentials. For more information on privacy and security, read about the app’s privacy practices. It allows doctors to view patient information and respond to their concerns.

AthenaOne has a wide array of features that make it a great tool for integrating patient data with electronic health records. It has features to help healthcare providers track their patients’ health information, manage appointments, and even generate financial bills. This app also helps clinicians document exams and reduce physician burnout.

Integration with EHR

Athenahealth’s athenaOne app provides healthcare providers with real-time data on their patients wherever they go. It helps them ensure full payment and track physician orders. Additionally, it is designed to meet the needs of physician executives, clinical managers, and other healthcare professionals. Its robust features help improve productivity and decrease physician burnout.

The athenaOne app integrates with athenaClinicals EHR for easy remote access. Using this app, physicians can create orders, view and respond to patient cases, and sign orders. It also allows them to perform videoconferences with up to four additional healthcare providers.

The athenaone app for integration with EHR is made easy with Wellsheet. Its smart and easy-to-use EHR UI streamlines workflows and provides personalized, predictive analytics. It also reduces the amount of time that clinicians spend in the EHR. Wellsheet has a high level of user satisfaction, and 86% of physicians said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their use.

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