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Reactjs Vs React Native – Overview, Differences, Advantages

Are you having trouble understanding the difference between React and React.js? you won’t able to think clearly about what is difference between the two. Let’s dive deep into this article and find All these answers.

React and React.js are Both Javascript Open Source Javascript Libraries. it was developed by Facebook. it differences between them in terms of the platforms they used.

Let’s Explore the History of these terms and how they developed. in the era of 2011 when Facebook launched its new feature and Facebook Ads is One of them. At that time biggest issue faced by every team is how to update this feed without any Refresh page.

Jordan Walke Solve this issue and made Faxjs this is the first prototype of React.js. First time used React.js in a Facebook timeline and it’s a Great Achievement.

One other misstep did the Facebook team use HTML rather than native. this is how React Native comes into the world.

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What is React.js?

React.js is a powerful JS library that allows you to build web apps that can dynamically update themselves, without needing to refresh the page.

This makes it ideal for creating rich and interactive user experiences with lots of moving parts.

What benefits of using ReactJS?

Fast Speed With DOM

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an important programming tool that enables a web developer to access and modify a web page’s content.

How a library or framework handles the Document Object Model (DOM) can greatly affect how it is ultimately used and presented.

SEO Benefits

Reactjs can do server-side rendering, giving a web page or app an SEO boost and helping it get more organic traffic.

Web Crawlers visit a website that has previously loaded content and images, and the process of storing data ranks fast compared to CS.

Developers Community

Reactjs has a large and growing worldwide developer base, who have created an expansive web development landscape of compatible web browser add-ons, coding utilities, and other software.

The fact that it is possible to develop innovative websites and apps with Reactjs has made it one of the most popular programming languages.

What is React Native?

React Native is a powerful, adaptable mobile development platform. With React Native, you can build native apps that work across many platforms,

all while using the powerful capabilities of Reactjs. At first, Facebook’s React Native was only available for iOS applications. But now, it also works with the Android OS.

Advantages of React Native?

The fast Application Development process

Developing an app with React Native is quick and easy for front-end devs because most of the code is in JS. If you’re a web developer, learning the ropes of developing mobile devices isn’t too difficult.

You need information about javascript and familiarity with the platform, it would beneficial to know how to work with native UI components and access low-level device APIs.

Fewer Code errors

When you deploy a React Native app to different platforms, you don’t need to do as much debugging and optimizing.

This is because React Native apps run on many platforms with fewer issues.

Better UI Experience

React Native framework’s mixed components of user-friendly libraries enable swift to build smooth user interfaces for website users.

Every Technology has its own position and Also Advantages in its field. I hope you have a clear difference between React and React Native. We wish this knowledge is helpful in your life journey.

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