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Questions You Must Ask Your Auto Insurance Provider

A lot of people tend to get their auto insurance just because it’s mandatory in some states. Due to this, they get insurance from wherever their friends got it from without exploring their options in terms of better policies or companies. Different insurance companies offer different policies, different rates, and different variables, like every other business, which is why exploring your options is a smart idea.

You can choose the right policy for yourself from the right company by asking the auto insurance provider or agent some questions before getting it. Let’s look at some of the most important questions you must ask before getting an auto insurance policy.

1. What Coverage Do I Need?

Every insurance company has dedicated auto insurance agents that are available to help you know about the company’s policies and offer you suggestions. You can ask an auto insurance agent what coverage suits you best by providing them with your details. Some of the details your auto insurance agent may require before suggesting or customizing an auto insurance policy are:

Place of Residence

The neighborhood you live in can play a significant part in your auto insurance policy. People who live in a neighborhood with a low crime rate often get lower premiums since the chances of theft or vandalism on their cars are lower.

Car Parking

If your car is usually parked inside your garage, you may have better premiums because there’s an increased threat of damage if your car is parked on the streets.

Driving Distance

Your auto insurance agent will ask you how much you’re planning to drive, or usually drive, over the period of a year. If you consistently travel longer distances, your insurance premiums would be slightly higher than those who don’t drive as much. This is because the more your car is on the road, the higher chance it has of getting into an accident or being damaged due to any other reason.

A lot of companies offer a separate policy based on your mileage, which is referred to as a mileage-based/pay-per-mile insurance policy.

Driving Record

Your past driving record may also influence your insurance policy and premiums. If you have a clean record with no accidents, you’ll likely get a lower premium and a better policy compared to a person who has a record of rash driving or getting into accidents.

Also read:

Age/Driving License

New drivers who have just turned of legal age to drive or have gotten their driving license recently may get slightly higher insurance premiums compared to experienced drivers. This is because a new driver’s likelihood of getting into a road accident is higher than an experienced driver’s.

These, along with some other factors, will help your auto insurance agent suggest or customize the auto insurance policy best suited to your needs. Mostly, people choose liability insurance along with auto insurance to cover damages like the medical cost of another person getting injured in an accident involving them, any legal expenses if a lawsuit is filed, and more.

2. Who Else Can Drive my Car?

Some insurance policies often have a limit on who can drive your car. They technically can’t restrict you to not let anyone else drive, but the insurance policy won’t cover damages in case your car gets into an accident while someone else was driving it.

If your car is driven by anyone else regularly, like your spouse, parent, friend, or anyone else, make sure you talk to your insurance agent about it and get them included in your policy. This can result in higher premiums, but your car will be covered comprehensively this way.

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3. How Reliable is Your Insurance Company?

Asking the auto insurance agent how reliable and trustworthy the insurance company is can be crucial. This is because choosing an auto insurance policy is not as simple as paying a premium and getting a policy. You’ll require many after-sale services, and customer-centric companies offer all these services and save you from all the hassle.

This includes 24/7 availability over the phone helpline, open on the weekends, duration for the compensation of money after a successful claim, any hidden clauses, the process of filing for a claim after an accident, etc.

All of these things are necessary and can become stressful if you don’t ask them beforehand.

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About the Author

Kevin Phillips is an auto insurance agent with over five years of working experience in this field. He has been associated with Western Mass Auto Insurance for over three years and helps their clients pick the best auto insurance policies that fulfill their requirements.

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