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Must-Have List of Hotel Amenities to Wow your Customers

Hotels are the entourage of being at home while away from home. When you visit a hotel you expect world-class amenities that are enjoyable. When people want to invest in hotel real estate, they need to configure the list of amenities and facilities that can do really well for them, personally and professionally. 

This type of investment is supposed to offer a complete package solution to the visitors and the residents big time. It’s a getaway everyone wants to enjoy and ensure is worthy of their money and effort. Royal Swiss in Islamabad is a great example, to begin with. 

So what sort of amenities should a hotel offer? In this blog, we will highlight the most wanted amenities a hotel must-have. 

  1. Parking 

The first thing to offer to the clients is the parking space. Even if your hotel project is in a crowded area, parking can be limited. People hate to park around the corners or away from their designated stay. Sometimes basement parking is too steep for their liking too. 

A valet parking is much appreciated. Your car gets parked by the valet and all your client needs to do is tip them and be on their merry way to the hotel lobby. 

  1. In-room amenities 

If your guest is on business or wants to have a long-term stay, providing in-room amenities becomes necessary. It’s always nice to have a room stocked with multiple amenities like 

  • A room fridge 
  • A safe 
  • An HD TV 
  • A work desk 
  • Hairdryer in the bathroom 
  • Shaving kit 
  • Maybe even hypoallergenic bedding 

A good room is the combination of all these amenities mentioned above. 

  1. Breakfast 

A hotel breakfast means a long menu but also that it’s free! Complimentary breakfast in bed or the built-in restaurant is the perfect way to make the clients happy. No one wants to wander around in the morning to search for something to eat. 

International hotels serve an in-house restaurant breakfast to accommodate their customers every day!   

  1. Lounge 

So, it’s the time of the year the hotel gets busy and you need lots of hands-on decks. It also means that your customer has to wait. Cant make them wait standing right? Having a lounge or a bar in the lobby is the best way to make the waiting period easy. It also keeps the visitor less annoyed. 

You can serve them complimentary tea or a fresh drink, keep the central tables stocked with multiple magazines to bid a good time too.    

  1. Fitness center 

Any good hotelier should have a fitness center. Even if your client is on a trip, they can’t ignore their health now, can they? A fitness center for guests is enjoyable and makes them feel great despite being on a holiday spree. Or even if it’s a business stay, the guest can lay off steam from work stress.  

  1. Toiletries 

Items for personal care like a comb, shaving cream, razor, coffee kit, tissue boxes, bathrobes, and slippers are must be placed perfectly on the countertops. 

Many hotels offer elevated amenities including toiletries. It’s a complete package especially if it’s a VIP room or a penthouse. 

  1. Free WiFi 

For whatever reason the guests keep coming in, they want free WiFi all the time. It’s impossible to believe functioning without one anyway so why not make the stay comfortable as long as a guest stays in your hotel?

WiFi is one of the pretty basic amenities that sometimes a few hotels charge. It can annoy the customer right away. So keeping it free isn’t going to cost you big. 

  1. In-room cocktail station/bar 

An in-house cocktail or coffee bar can make a huge difference in elevating a guest’s experience in your hotel. Having choices for beverages in a room is unique selling point. Guests can make their favorite drink from the available ingredients like herbs, fruits and spices to have a refreshing taste. 


The list of hotel amenities is a long one, and doesnt stop here. To hold a special value in your guest’s heart, offer more than just amenities – offer them a good customer service that is unforgettable too. Otherwise it all can easily go down the hill, if not implemented property.

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