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Mid-century Rug Styles for Your Home

Mid-Century is one of the timeless design styles that cannot go out of fashion. The best thing about it is that it is compatible with many present-day styles, and it’s not an all-or-nothing style; there’s a way to mix it with any other styled interiors.

Nothing is as elegant and complete as carpeting. But, picking the best one is a daunting job. Luckily, mid-century modern décor includes a large section of rugs devoted to it. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a flurry of new styles for carpets, and they were in tune with the current trends of the day. They are still one of the most popular types of flooring coverings to this day.

Mid-century rugs are a popular choice for many homes, even when you’re not trying to recreate the classic vintage look. Such rug style is contemporary enough as it fits perfectly with various décor styles. If you are a fan of minimalistic design and geometric shapes, then a mid-century rug might be the best option for your interior.

How to Select the Perfect Size for your Mid-Century Modern Rug

If you are looking to purchase an area rug, the biggest frequent error you should avoid is choosing a size that isn’t appropriate for the space. In most instances, when such a mistake is made, individuals are left with huge amounts of money on a new floor covering.

It should be a common practice to select the rug’s size based on the layout of the furniture and not the room’s dimensions. Certain structures better permit a certain portion visible within the room’s border. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting the rug is to put furniture placement first over the space. This is especially important when deciding on a specific area to place a rug.

We have listed for you some of the mid-century rugs that will accentuate your interior style.

  1. Marrakesh Beige: This area rug has a surface of geometric dots, ensuring that it blends perfectly well in a décor. Hand-tufted with wool makes this rug durable and soft for a casual seating place. Although it is a mid-century modern rug, it can be placed in vintage or traditional rooms.
  2. Small Box Multi: When you want to possess an out-of-the-box rug, the small box multi rug is the one. Handwoven in wool, it has been designed creatively, ushering an alternating vibrancy that seems to dance away in multiple color tones. This mid-century rug will add a dash of color to a room. You can also place this rug in size 8’x10′ to cover a whole area for a lovely ambiance.
  3. Khema Grey: This is an unusual area rug with a blend of soft and dark hues, creating a high-low pile. This mid-century rug can be used when you want to add subtle color tone to an area. This carpet has a muted base which lets you style it in contemporary rooms.
  4. Spia Grey: Abstract art forms can be in any form; surprisingly, they look enchanting whether placed in vintage rooms or modern rooms. Spia Grey is a mid-century rug with an abstract pattern. Squiggles and lines dance through this rug in a heterogeneous manner yielding out characterization in a room. You can opt for a midcentury runner rug and place it for an eclectic feel.

Wink Orange: when we talk of a room styling, colors play a major decisive role. The Wink Orange is a mid-century area rug designed in proper symmetry and an abstract flair. It’s graceful and pleasing to the eye. One can easily choose an 8’x10′ size of this rug and update the interior look.

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