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How To Make Your Home And Community More Secure

Are you in darkness, or are there lights on? Keep your blinds shut. It will be shocking to see how many burglars profit from the moment they can see through your house at night.

Automate The Lighting

When it is dark, peepholes won’t be of any assistance. Automated lights are recommended for your porch. Automatic lighting can include motion-based lighting or a system that turns on lights at night and then shuts them off at dawn.

A List Security is the best security guard company that provides mobile security services through patrolling the site..

Lighten The Darkness

The porch lights are just the beginning. The best way to deter burglars from entering your home is to illuminate your backyard with moving lights. Ensure you have good lighting at all points of entry to your home.

Stop Intruders

You can make your home look more lived in with light automation. BeON, for example, creates a home security system that mimics your home’s behavior.

Some home automation companies allow users to create specific schedules or actions, such as “turn on lights when motion is observed” or “turn off lights if you are away from your home.”

Stop Burglars

Most burglars look for vacant homes. Burglars will likely chase an earphone from your home if they hear it. Amazon sells a wide range of affordable devices that mimic the look of a TV. The smart speaker can also play videos of people talking, such as Sonos or Echo.


Smart doorbells function like an eye and an ear. You can use the intelligent doorbell to detect when someone rings your doorbell. Some products can also communicate two-way. This is especially useful when you are not in your home but want to appear. 

Garage Door

A garage door can be a perfect entry point for burglars. You can protect your home’s security by ensuring the garage door is shut when you are not using it. An open door is an open invitation. Close the door if you don’t want the door extended.

You should lock your garage door if it is attached to your house. This door is often not sealed, even though it is an entry to their home.

This may seem like a tedious task. It can take time to lock and unlock your door. An automatic lock can even be installed that opens when you enter.

Your garage door opener should be closed so that your car is not parked in your driveway. It is easy to break into vehicles. Your home security is at risk if keys are left in a car.


It is wise to update the locks when you move into a new house. This applies especially to renters, who may need to request a replacement lock for their tenants. However, homeowners can also do this.

An alternative is to use a keyless lock. Smart locks can give temporary keys to workers or keep track of who comes and goes. Hire a security guard company to prevent crimes in your vicinity.

You should make sure that you inspect all windows and doors before allowing employees from a cleaning or construction company to enter your home. Most burglars enter houses as guests. Workers can leave doors and windows unlocked so that they have easy access to the house later.

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