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How To Generate Leads

Any business, whether online or offline, relies on lead generation to simplify the sales process and thus increase its turnover and bottom line.

What is a lead and what is lead generation?

It is first necessary to clarify what a lead is before addressing the specific means of generating it.

This is someone who shows interest in your product or service. He/She can be contacted by email, text, phone call, etc.In general, a lead is a contact who is acquired by the lead generation process. He spontaneously provides his information and has a certain propensity to buy. You can take the services of Lead Generation Agency in London

Why is it so important to understand how to generate leads?

Essentially, lead generation is the process of generating leads and attracting customers through certain marketing techniques . Salespeople or entrepreneurs who acquire contacts are able to build relationships with customers in order to get them to buy each product or service they offer. Social networks, websites and awareness are among the tools that can be used to achieve this goal.

Ways to Generate Leads with the Internet

We must first recognize that with the internet there are now a lot of processes to generate leads.

1- Generate leads with a website

Having a website is good, but having a site that targets the keywords that your prospects are looking for is even better. You will have to produce content that meets the needs and questions of your potential personas and bring them up in Google results. As soon as your quickly generates traffic, it will be necessary to put different CTAs (call to action) to generate leads: contact form, product page, subscription to newsletters, etc.

2- Generate leads through social media marketing

Social media platforms are not only good for branding but also for generating leads online. (see our marketing article on the go -to-market plan , it might help you) Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all others collect information about friends and followers , which can be used to enable more effective marketing strategies:

  • Attract new subscribers
  • Publish original content on the company page
  • Organize events and conduct competitions.
  • Forward to your website

It will also be possible to develop and activate personalized social campaigns. For each target in order to diversify the content and communication according to the stage of the funnel in which a user is.

3- Generate leads with email marketing

The content sent should be interesting, engaging and personalized , and use the information already collected. Apart from invitation CTAs, landing pages, and social sharing buttons, emails should feature everything necessary to increase user interaction.

Subsequently, based on the score derived from email open rates and link clicks and CTAs. Subscribers can be segmented and specific automation set up for sending exclusive content such as coupon codes. discounts, rewards and offers.

4- Generate leads with Remarketing

The client already knows you. Half the work has already been done!!

Only a very small percentage of all visitors who land on the site decide to take action on their first visit. Thanks to cookies, remarketing becomes possible . Once a user has visited the site. Banners may be displayed later when browsing other websites. Our links may appear on these sites, encouraging visitors to return again and again in order to convert. Online marketers love this tactic because it works! Generate leads by buying Facebook ads, it works!

5- Generate leads with Adwords campaigns

AdWords campaigns can generate leads quickly . Ads served on Google appear above organic search results. which attract users’ attention. Those who want to check out additional offers can see them under the organic results or even on the next page.

In addition, Google AdWords can promote graphic banners displayed on partner sites. Video ads on YouTube that attract a lot of eyes. A combination of Google AdWords, Google Merchant Center, and product ads will definitely work for online stores.

However, Google AdWords is a paid service that requires you to continually outbid other advertisers. Achieving a high conversion rate for Google Ads advertising campaigns. Acquiring B2B or B2C leads from them can only be achieved by certified Google AdWords specialists. You may not be familiar with this tool if you don’t have experience in this area.

6- Generate leads by optimizing your conversion rate with UX

If you already have a source of traffic, put the UX at your service to optimize the conversion rate!!

Customer experience, also known as user experience (UX). It must also be taken into account. Both with good content, as well as with an attractive and eye-catching design, and above all with simple and intuitive navigation. You also need to make sure your website loads quickly and is optimized for mobile devices. If you don’t follow these requirements, you risk losing customers.

Improve user experience by tracking trends and analyzing user behavior on the site. (for example, through Google Analytics or click-tracking and heatmap tools) Then draw conclusions and make improvements to the site. site code or create new graphics, text and content.

7- Generate leads with ebooks

An eBook gives you the opportunity to dive into the subject. Explore it more deeply than you would in a blog post, for example. One strategy we used to produce it is to plan the content of the eBook and break it down into several articles, then bring them together and present them in material form.

8- Generate Leads with Webinars

Hosting webinars is increasingly popular for generating content and leads for your business. There are several reasons for the low cost of the webinar, including the fact that only a computer, webcam and microphone are needed to make a recording. While recording quality is crucial to corporate image, simplicity is key.

Also, the webinar can be recorded for later viewing or the live webinar can be scheduled until a specific time and date. By choosing live webinars, you’ll avoid procrastination, and if you opt for a recorded webinar, you’ll continue to generate leads the whole time.

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