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  Best  power factor correction services in India

 The denotation of power factor correction :

A technique for enhancing the power factor of a power supply is power factor correction. Without power factor adjustment, switching power supplies drain current in brief, high-magnitude pulses. Active or passive procedures can be used to smooth out these pulses. As a result, the perceived input power and RMS current are reduced, but the power factor is raised(power factor correction services).

The power factor adjustment shapes the input current to maximize the genuine power from the AC supply.

 Electrical equipment should ideally present a load that is identical to a pure resistor, with no reactive power. The current and voltage waveforms would be identical sine waves that were in phase with one another.

In a perfect system, 100% of the power drawn from the AC mains is put to good use. Only if the current and voltage are in phase can this be done. When the two phases are out of phase, some of the energy from the AC outlet is lost because it isn’t doing anything useful.

As a result, the power generating firm must produce more power to meet the need for both useful and lost electricity. This will necessitate increased capital expenditures in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution, and control. In addition to contributing to global warming, the costs are passed on to the customer.

Power factor correction aims to bring the power factor of an electrical system, such as a power supply, closer to 1, or as near to 0.95 as possible if it doesn’t, which is acceptable for most purposes.

Techniques of power factor correction :

There are two most common techniques of power factor correction for power supply one is active power factor correction and the other is passive power factor correction

Passive power factor correction :

This is for 100W or fewer power supplies. The capacitor and inductor construct a series resonance circuit with a low-pass harmonic filter at the AC input. The components can be tiny while still offering a low-cost and effective power factor correction.

For smaller power requirements, passive PFCs are simple, reliable, and resilient. Furthermore, they do not produce EMI. Due to the inductor, they are, nevertheless, huge and substantial.

Active power factor correction :

For power supplies greater than 100W, active PFC techniques are preferred. This method is more efficient in terms of correction, as well as being lighter and less bulky.

A basic active PFC circuit consists of a control circuit that detects the input voltage and current before adjusting the switching time and duty cycle to keep the input voltage and current in phase. The input AC voltage is automatically corrected, resulting in a theoretical power factor of above 0.95.

The active PFC, unlike the passive PFC, may work with a wide range of input voltages. It does, however, necessitate additional components, making it more complex and costly. 

Merits and demerits of Active and passive PFCs :


Merits of passive PFCs,

●     Affordable

●     Cost-effective

●     Construction is straightforward.


Demerits of passive PFCs,

●     The item is huge and heavy.

●     There is no voltage regulation.

●     The input voltage range is limited.

Merits of active PFCs,

●     Achieves a PF of 0.95 or above

●     Small and light in weight

●     AC input voltage and frequency can be varied widely (87 Vrms -266 Vrms and 47Hz- 63Hz).

●     more adaptable

●     Enhanced control


Demerits of active PFCs,

●     Complicated

●     a higher price

●     Because of the high frequencies that can enter the line, more filtering is required.

●     When compared to passive PFC, components are rated at greater voltages.


  Profits of power factor corrections :

There are fewer losses and all of the power generated is used efficiently when the power factor is equal to 1 or as close to it as possible.

The technical benefits include increased efficiency and lower power demand, resulting in less pressure on the switching gear and cables, lower consumer costs, and support for higher load.

Commercial benefits include reduced system losses and lower capital expenses for the generating firm. Additionally, because there are no penalties for surplus reactive power, there are cost savings on electricity. Another advantage is that transmission and distribution systems and equipment run cooler and last longer.

CO2 emissions are minimized, which is good for the environment.

Even though the payback from lower conductor loss is rarely enough to warrant the installation of capacitors, in older reactors with long distribution lines or in field pumping methods, it can be a desirable additional benefit. System conductor losses are inversely related to power factor squared because current declines in direct proportion to power factor improvement.

Best power factor correction services providers in India :
  • SAS Powertech power optimization solutions Pvt ltd.
  • Schneider Electric Pvt ltd
  • Power matrix solution Pvt ltd.
  • Techno power systems Pvt Ltd.
  • Indigenes research enterprise.

India has many different kinds of electric service suppliers, one among them is SAS Powertech. SASPPL is listed among the top companies in the field of electrical services.

In the case of power factor corrections, SASPPL performs a vital role in resolving the issues connected with power factors.

Why choose SAS Powertech? :

SASPPL has been providing unbiased Power Factor Correction Services for over two decades.

As indicated by the MREC Tariff petition order of 2018, SASPPL also played a vital role in presenting the results to the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC).

It has even benefitted the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) in analyzing the impact of overcorrection in their system as a result of Maharashtra’s implementation of kVAh billing.

Try connecting with SASPPL if you wish to reduce distribution losses and optimize your energy bills by maintaining pF.

Conclusion :

In the above, we channelized and discussed the meaning, types, methods, advantages, and disadvantages of the power factor correction services.

We also discussed the best power factor correction service providers in India,

Where we learned about the SAS Powertech Pvt Ltd, a mature, efficient, and promising company in the field of resolving power and electric issues.

In the case of power factor corrections, SASPPL plays a major role in detoxing the issues related to power factor corrections

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