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How To Execute a House Shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore?

Are you searching for packers and movers from Mumbai to Bangalore? Considering shifting your house from Mumbai to Bangalore? If you are planning to shift from “The City of Gateway of India” to “The city of lalbagh botanical garden,” we got you sorted. We will tell you how to execute a house shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore. Keep reading.

It is easy to find endless numbers of packers and movers Mumbai to Bangalore. But finding a legitimate and dependable moving company is a big deal. You should do some research on the internet or ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. Yet if you feel perplexed, contact the specialised agencies to guide you through the process of finding the right packers and movers in Mumbai. These agencies will assist you by connecting you to the most competent packers and movers in Mumbai in your proximity.

House shifting is a meticulous and monotonous process; no matter whether you are shifting alone or with your family. You need to prepare a lot of things before you start with the shifting process. You need to have a strategic plan and a decisive thought process. Combine your managerial skills and executive skills to carry out a house shifting process with ease.

The following pointers would make your house shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore an easy process:

  • Hire packers and movers in Mumbai:

House shifting is considered to be one of the most stressful activities in the world. While shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore, you need to do a lot of planning and management on your part. So, if you want to carry out a house shifting all by yourself, it is going to be a draining procedure. You can avoid this pointless hassle by hiring a team of professional packers and movers in Mumbai. They have the know-how to perform the shifting process making it less burdensome.

  • Make a checklist:

You need to plan and prepare a lot of things in advance to conduct a successful house sifting. Making a checklist is the first task that needs to be done on your part. Create a detailed list of each commodity that you think is worth carrying with you to your new house in Bangalore. In this process, you will be able to calculate the number of boxes that you will need to pack your belongings. Furthermore, the packers and movers in Mumbai will also get an assessment of the moving costs.

  • Discard the unwanted things:

According to the checklist, we will be able to separate the essential and inessential belongings from our household. Consider moving only the essential items and steer clear of the inessential items that do not serve any purpose. The house shifting charges for the packers and movers in Mumbai will get reduced drastically as you cut down the size of the move.

Sell the old furniture or defunct appliances that you have been thinking of replacing. Donate old clothes, shoes, bags, books, and toys to an NGO in your area. Discard the waste items that are broken. This is the way to de-clutter the household. There is no point in carrying junk and cluttering up your new house in Bangalore. So, make your move lightweight.

  • Save the valuable possessions:

It does not matter if you appoint a proficient moving team; you still have to do a few tasks by yourself. This particular task has to be done by a responsible person before the moving team arrives at your place. Pack your expensive pieces of jewellery, watches, electronic gadgets, identity proofs, and personal, legal, and financial documents in a separate bag and store them safely under your surveillance. Remember to carry this bag with you when you are moving from Mumbai to Bangalore.

  • Get moving insurance:

As you move from one city to another, there is a risk factor that you should be prepared about. Your goods can get misplaced or damaged when it is on the move. In such cases, you will lose your belongings and the money that you paid the moving company in advance. But, there is a way to get rid of this dismay. Always get your belongings insured. Availing of in-transit insurance will assure that the moving company in Mumbai provides you with appropriate compensation against the lost or damaged product. Safety of your belongings is your primary concern and getting insurance coverage helps you stay away from unnecessary botheration.

  • Utility Services:

During intercity house shifting, one has to be very careful about the suave juggling of the utility services. The essential services that we need to sustain on a regular basis to maintain our minimal lifestyle are utility services. Some examples of utility services are electricity connection, water connection, gas connection, Wi-Fi connection, DTH connection, etc. Make sure that you terminate all the services from your current home and redeem them back as you reach your new house in Bangalore. This is a task that you have to do on your own and your moving company cannot help you in this regard.

  • Warehousing:

The distance between Mumbai and Bangalore is 1583 kilometres. It is not feasible for you to travel to and fro to inspect your house in Bangalore. Therefore, as you move from Mumbai to Bangalore, you may find that your new house is not yet ready to move in on an immediate basis. In such cases, you need to put up in a hotel in Bangalore while your goods remain safe inside a warehouse facility provided by your moving company. There are CCTV cameras installed in every nook to ensure the safety of your goods inside.

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House-shifting is a painstaking activity but choosing the right team of packers and movers can make it a painless one. You should be wise while deciding on your moving company. Do some extensive research on the internet and look for the reviews of various customers as you decide to finalise your moving company. Now that you know how to execute a house shifting from Mumbai to Bangalore, I wish you a safe move.


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