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How To Deal With High Car Rental Prices

This blog for you if you have time or desire to read it all. Book your car rental now if you have any travel plans!

What’s the deal?

$300/day car rentals? This is true? This is possible in extreme cases. There are even more extreme cases where there are no available rental cars. Rental companies are struggling with the rising demand for Easter weekend and Spring Break travel.

The spike in searches without availability was evident in our internal data analysis. Although prices are starting to trend downwards, they have remained stubbornly elevated.

Why is this happening to you?

We had predicted that rental car rates would rise on December 15, 2021. We cited four main reasons. We encouraged everyone to book their rental car as soon as possible.

  1. This year’s San Francisco car service rental car fleet is significantly lower than usual.
  2. Rental car companies have become experts at selling their vehicles directly to customers, further reducing the fleet size.
  3. In-fleeting (or adding inventory) will take longer than usual. This was our thinking, and it still holds. Another factor is at work here, with manufacturers delaying planned orders due to a computer chip shortage affecting production. Car rental companies will continue to prepare for higher travel demand during peak season.
  4. As cases fall, vaccinations rise, and restrictions loosen, travel demand will increase. There is an influx of travel demand that has not been released. We had previously predicted that this would peak in summer 2022. However, all indications point to it happening now for spring break 2022.

What can you do?

We suggest these suggestions if you see higher than average prices and no rental cars.

  • Change your travel dates. Search for alternative dates if your travel dates are flexible. This is especially helpful if you can travel off-peak or on shoulder dates. Travel demand is typically lower from late April to mid-May. The same goes for early June and later August. There are no guarantees that forecasts will be 100% accurate, but these dates should be reliable for leisure travel destinations.
  • Look for other pick-up locations. This could be a different location than usual, but it may also mean that you should look at other rental car options. Renting near your hotel or destination could result in lower rates and taxes. You can search for specific areas in the city beyond the airport by using our Zip Code search tools. You may need to think creatively about how you get to the rental car facility from the airport.
  • Book as early as possible (NOW). Are you thinking of a summer trip? Make your reservation as soon as possible by searching for a rental. Rental car reservations can usually be cancel or modified one day before the pick-up date.

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