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Why Must You Choose Summer Car Tyres?

Excellent on both dry and wet surfaces, providing greater traction and handling. Check out the best Summer Tyres Maldon for your car and feel the road and vehicle connection.

5 reasons for buying summer tyres for your car

If you don’t know, there are several types of tyres available for passenger vehicles. But do you know which type of tyre is more popular around the UK or the world? Of course, summer tyres are the most used tyres among people since they give a such tremendous performance to the car. As a result, the vehicle offers good performance and of course, it will be a safe ride for you. Installing summer tyres is essential for a quick response since we face summer months and dry days most of the time in the year. Additionally, summer tyres are excellent on both dry and wet surfaces, providing greater traction and handling. Check out the best Summer Tyres Maldon for your car and feel the road and vehicle connection.
In Maldon, the temperature relies on between 9 to 23°C during summer. And in winter the temperature relies on between 1 to 8°C. Summer tyres offer prime performance when the temperature is between 7 to 35°C and more. But yes, these tyres are not the best choice for winter days. For better performance on slippery snowy or icy roads, you can install winter tyres. Winter tyre can perform well when the temperature relies on between 1 to 7°C and even minus. However, moderate snowy or icy roads can be fine for summer tyre but not for deep snowy or extreme slippery roads in winter.
  • Great functions and appearance

All seasons, winter and summer tyres have different tread patterns and overall appearance. Talking about only summer tyres; Fewer sipes and substantially bigger tread blocks are features of them. The area of rubber in contact with the road has increased as a result. The end effect is improved handling, stable braking, and reduced braking distance. Typically, summer tyres have a shallower tread depth than winter or all-season tyre. They don’t require the same amount of traction on the ground as winter tyres would on snow. Summer tyres are much more stable when you drive faster, as a result. Because they keep their form better than winter tyre, summer tyres can travel at a high speed. Eventually, people buy summer tyres when they have high-speed vehicles.
  • The best option for both wet and dry roads

The key benefit of a premium summer tyre is its excellent handling and grip in both dry and rainy conditions. The specifically created tyre tread grooves are primarily responsible for this. They provide you with a greater grip both lengthwise and laterally, which helps to reduce aquaplaning. The rubber compound of summer tyres shows its importance here. Summer tyres include a material that improves both safety and comfort when driving in warm and mildly cold weather. Tyre rubber compositions are always made softer by heat. The compounds of summer tyres are tougher than those of other tyre kinds. On slick surfaces and in extreme or moderate heat, they offer good handling. However, they should continue to be supple enough to keep driving comfortably. That translates to higher fuel economy and lesser tyre resistance.
  • Excellent cornering and responsiveness

Summer tyres are usually made up of harder rubber compounds that can tolerate heat and friction for better grip on warmer days. It is also known for best cornering due to high rubber and road contact. The tyre responsiveness also depends on surface contact. Tyre responsiveness is imperative since it helps you to avoid collisions with stable things and other vehicles on the road. When you apply brakes or acceleration, you will feel your car’s response quickly since summer tyre react quickly.
  • Offers high durability with low rolling resistance

Numerous summer tyres are asymmetrical (tread pattern), which makes it harder for the driver to rotate tyre, which prolongs tyre life. These tyre’ low rolling resistance allows the automobile to run with less resistance, which uses less power and fuel.
  • Comfort

As a car owner, you must go for a comfortable ride and of course, tyres play a vital role in offering a comfortable ride with suspension and wheels. But not all summer tyres offer a comfortable ride. If you want a comfortable ride with summer tyres you must choose good quality tyres from premium or mid-range tyre manufacturers. Pick a tyre brand after confirming that this particular tyre brand is best for your car. For example; if you have a BMW 3 series Michelin tyre will be the best option for your car. Go for Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres Maldon.

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